How to Choose the Best Dog Paw Balm

Dogs are adorably resilient; they get cuts, they fall, get into accidents, their paws get sore, but they never stop playing and running around. They still wag their tail after seeing their parents. That is how adorable dogs are. Therefore, you, as a dog parent, need to be careful about their cuts and injuries. You can cure the injury of your dog’s paw with a dog paw balm in many cases. Using a dog paw balm also helps avoid paw injuries. The best dog paw balm can help heal cracks and cuts, and if you use them in the first place, they even prevent the cracks from happening. Along with the paws, your dog’s nose may also get dried and cracked. That is why you may need to give it regular care. 

How a dog paw balm can help heal your dog’s paw

Using a dog paw balm as a care routine is always a good idea. Moreover, these balms help incredibly when the weather conditions are extreme- too hot or too cold. Just like humans, dogs’ paws may also get dry in severe winters. For all the cracks and dryness from playing in the ice or bare ground, dog paw creams can be excellent protection. The antifreeze in the winters on the snow and ice can aggravate the skin of your little dog’s paws.

Moreover, it can cause a problem if your dog licks its paw. Using a paw balm acts as protection because it creates a semi-permeable barrier on your pup’s skin. It protects the skin on the pads to directly come in contact with any harmful substance or chemical. 

How to choose an effective paw balm?

Many people prefer to make their dog’s paw balm by themselves at home. Yes, the products like honey, coconut oil, and CBD oil can create an excellent combination to protect your dog’s pads. However, creating perfect consistency at home can be challenging. Moreover, it would be best to use the balms created by professionals. You should prefer to use the best dog paw balm available in the market. The most preferred and recognized brands make their creams using natural and organic products. 

You must make sure to look at the ingredients of the balm you are purchasing. There are some natural ingredients that are very effective as a skin protector. Some of the famous, effective ingredients include:

  • Cannabidiol oil: It is a proven ingredient as an antioxidant that helps reduce dermal inflammation. 
  • All-natural beeswax: It is incredible for keeping the extra moisture away from your dog’s skin in wet, snowy, and rainy conditions. 
  • Coconut Oil: It helps to heal cracked and dry paws by enabling moisture to enter their skin. 
  • Manuka Honey: It protects the infection on the skin caused by bacteria. Sometimes, honey also produces special cells that are capable of repairing tissue damage. Moreover, it acts like an anti-inflammatory agent that can reduce pain in your pup’s paw. 

The best dog paw balms available out there include all these ingredients. If the cream you are purchasing has all of it, you must go for it!  



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