Have you decided to have a kitten? Check if you are ready for this


You took a kitten, and what to do next is a query that worries you to a great extent. The next 10-12 years – and possibly more – a furry friend will live side by side with you. Therefore, everyone who will soon have a pet needs to understand one simple but very important truth. For you, a little over a decade is just a small segment of the earthly path. For an animal – all life! It is in your concern to make her happy, healthy and to live long.

A kitten in the house is not only fun games and soothing rumbling. He is primarily a living being for which you are responsible. If you will, this foolish little one is your adopted child. What should be done in this case? That’s right, take care of him! That is, make sure that he is healthy, well-fed, cheerful and well-mannered.

So you’ve decided to have a kitten. Where to begin?

Financial costs: fixed, planned, emergency


First of all, there is a cost for buying a cat and for this you must know the Persian cat price in India for a Persian cat breed so that you may check your accounts accordingly.  For example, you should be prepared for the fact that a new position will appear on your list of habitual money spending – “cat maintenance”. Don’t be afraid, with the right care, a new friend won’t cost you a pretty penny. And nevertheless, you will have to constantly spend money on food and toilet filler. From time to time – for routine vaccination and preventive veterinary examination of the tailed ward. Yes, there are still emergency cases of going to a doctor. But let’s hope that these misfortunes, with proper care and nutrition, will bypass your barbel.

More attention!

Cats are innocent creatures, but, of course, require special attention to them. Kittens are like small children, they have more than enough energy. They are very active and love to play. Therefore, try to make time every day to play with your pet.

If you ignore your cat’s desires too often, chances to get bored of your cat increase. And this threatens you with damage to furniture, odorous marks and other not the most pleasant things. Therefore, get ready to teach and educate from an early age. To better understand the representatives of felines , first learn more about them – by talking with friends, familiar breeders or reading special literature.

We want to have a kitten, or what you need to know about cat parenting


You need to start raising a kitten almost from the first day it appears in your house. To do this, however, you need to be patient and do not forget that your young ward is a baby who was recently taken away from his mother, who is experiencing serious stress, finding himself in an unfamiliar place for him, surrounded by strangers so far. It is necessary to raise a kitten by rewarding any correctly performed action. Your care and affection will help him quickly get used to the new home. You will have to teach him to use the toilet (contrary to popular belief, there is nothing difficult about this), teach him how to use a scratching post and follow other rules of behavior in the house.

Imperfect order

If you are a perfectionist or neat by nature, a cat at home may not be for you. This restless pet with enviable consistency will make a complete mess, scattering things around the apartment during games or during the so-called “five minutes of rabies”. And this is normal, this is the nature of this beast. In addition, over time, this agility will gradually pass: like adults, older cats should not behave in an inappropriate manner.



Of course, keeping an eye on the cat’s health is an important, if not the first, responsibility of the owner of the animal. From what you have to do all the time – clean your ears, teeth, monitor the condition of your eyes, comb, cut your nails and bathe your pet. Believe me, there is nothing difficult in this if you accustom your cat to these procedures in childhood. Also, you will need to periodically (once every six months or a year) show your pet to a veterinarian and give him vaccinations and all the necessary treatments for parasites on time.

However, all of the above should not stop you on the way to purchasing a pet. You have a kitten, and what to do first, you can find out from the recommendations of the doctor, breeder, and specialized sites. Love and care are key factors in your long and happy life together, and everything else will follow!