Common Benefits of Packaging Machinery in the Food Industry

Our health depends on the food we choose. Food choices each day affect our health and appearance. A well-balanced diet can help us to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce...

Six Excellent Traditional Albanian Dishes

Albanian cuisine has always been very influenced by nearby culinary cultures, so much so that it is often considered as a mix between Mediterranean, Balkan and Ottoman cuisine. Be that as it...

“ EsFISHally” For You: Choosing the Best Fish Fryer in Town

Fried fish tickles your taste buds and hits the spot, giving you a pure gastronomic delight. It is crunchy, juicy, and most definitely healthier than red meat. If you like frying...

CatchFood launches its platform in Saudi Arabia to more than 1200 restaurants

As part of the efforts of the CatchFood platform for online food ordering services and to help limit the spread of Corona Virus 19, the CEO of Catch Food website Ahmad...

Top 3 Quietest Mini Fridge For Bedroom, Dorm Room and Man Cave

A quiet mini fridge is a great addition to a nursery, bedroom, main cave, library, office and any other place that requires silence. These are the quietest models on the market today....
vitamin d, covid19

New research link linking between Vitamin D and COVID-19

Some researchers have found a big relationship between severe vitamin D lack and mortality rates. And that After studying global samples from the COVID 19 virus. This study is available on medRxiv. Researchers...


Things to Consider Before Developing an Android App

Android is a well-known Operating System that is used in most of the smartphones and digital devices. The OS is based on the Linux...