All You Need to Know About Rigid Packaging

    If you are involved in any kind of business that is selling luxury products to the customers than this article is very important for you. We all know a fact that everything requires a packaging item for itself. But if your product is fragile or luxury than you might have heard about the rigid packaging.

    The rigid packaging boxes are used for luxury items that can include any electronic items as well. As the name specifies that they are hard enough to hold any of your product very easily. They can also be used for the purpose of shipping. These packaging boxes are very common in countries like the United States and Canada.


    • They are best for packaging of luxury products
    • Fragile products are safe inside them and they can also be used for shipping purposes
    • Can have a combination with offset printing technology as well
    • You can avail the option of the window, extra ribbons or magnetic catch on them
    • The option of lamination is also available in them. It means that you avail of the option of matte or gloss lamination on them.


    • They are expensive
    • Not recommended for every product as they are made up for the luxury and digital products
    • May cost you a high shipping fee due to their heavyweight

    Steps to Select Perfect Rigid Packaging

    One of the most common question, that is asked by us is that, what is the approximate thickness for custom made rigid boxes. Well, it may depend on the seller to seller. But approximately their thickness is up to 3 mm.  A famous USA based company named as “Quick Boxes Packaging LLC” is selling high-quality rigid boxes for the people of the USA. Their rigid stock is up to 3mm in thickness.

    Please note that there are some companies that try to use a thinner stock just to save a few bucks. But before shopping or placing an order with a firm, just make sure that what is the thickness of the rigid boxes that they are offering. So, this is the first point in our list to choose a perfect product for your luxury packaging items.

    The second normally asked question is that what is the best box style with the rigid stock. Well, we have ranked foldable rigid boxes on the top of our list as there are few reasons to do so. The first point is, they are economical as compared to other styles like a 2-piece box or sleeve rigid box. Moreover, they can save your shipping cost a lot. They are shipped flat as compared to pre-made items. So, they can save your money from extra shipping charges.

    Some additional items in them also made them special. Like most of the time, these boxes are manufactured with the magnetic catch that’s why they are also called as foldable rigid boxes with a magnetic catch or collapsible gift boxes with magnetic closure.

    The queries that we have discussed above are high searched by the people on the Search Engines. That’s why we have tried to explain them in detail. I hope it will be very helpful for you too.