Top 10 Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

    Water damage is widespread in homes, and it is caused by burst pipes, rain, plumbing problems, running taps, and more. If your basement has cracks, water can trickle through and cause damage to it. Also, moisture can build up because of reduced heating or cooling. Almost over 80 percent of homes have experienced water damage to their basements. Basement waterproofing is crucial, especially if you’re prone to flooding in your basement, which can cause damage to your house and mold growth. If you don’t know what to do, then you should consider hiring a waterproof company.

    Here are the advantages of waterproofing your basement.

    Reduced Insurance Costs

    Almost one-fifth of most insurance claims are about water damage. The issues that can raise the costs of the claims include structure damage, drywall, and basement flooding, which causes cracks in the foundation of the house. Not only do you need to worry about flooding and storms, causing water damage to your basement, but even a slow water leak will ultimately cause significant damage if unnoticed. It is crucial to spend some cash to waterproof your basement, to prevent water from causing damage to your basement.

    The Foundation is Strong

    Waterproofing your basement will make it more durable and not allow mold growth. You don’t want your basement to become storage for old and worn out newspapers, unused items like cabinets and tables. Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn, or winter, your basement can be used for a long time.

    Easy Cleaning

    If you’re thinking of installing new flooring, then you’re going to go with stone flooring. Why? Because it will need little management, and cleaning will be more comfortable. The waterproofing company will get you covered with the floors. They will provide beautiful stones for your floors, and hence, cleaning will be smooth and enjoyable.

    Prevents Basement Flooding

    Waterproofing companies can help you with methods like installing a sump pump, drainage system, and fixing cracks in your basement are very effective tactics in avoiding damage to your basement due to flooding.

    Healthy Atmosphere

    The growth of mold or mildew in a basement is always caused by high moisture or excess water leaking through. Not only does mold cause damage to the basement, but it also causes health complications like breathing problems, allergies, or even infections. You always need to be aware of mold if it starts to appear and get rid of it. Hiring the services of a waterproof company will assist you to prevent mold growth.

    Reduced Heating and Cooling Expenses

    If you have an HV/AC system in your house, then you must make sure it’s working correctly to heat or cool your home, especially if the air is humid.

    The AC systems can raise your electricity costs to as much as over 20 percent per year. Using Smart Foundation Systems will help reduce the humidity in your house, ensuring your energy bill is at a reasonable level.


    Most people use basements as an area for entertainment, gaming, cinema, or sometimes a guest room. In this case, you need it to be in good condition always. So, if you want to avoid the embarrassment of having to deal with unnecessary flooding, contact Smart Foundation Systems to help you out. Afterward, your family and friends who will use your basement will have privacy and will enjoy their stay.

    Protects the Basement Floor

    Several basements are built with concrete, and in most cases, they’re about 2-4 inches thick. Thin floors are always prone to pressure from excess water bulging from the ground, which causes cracks. If this occurs, your basement is at risk of severe damage. Therefore, you need to waterproof your basement using Smart Foundation Systems services.

    Sump Pump Protection

    Another important part of waterproofing your basement is installing a sump pump. Even if it helps, you can’t rely on it solely to prevent excess water from creeping into your basement. Sump pumps are known to stop functioning if there is no power. So, if there’s no power, always expect water to flow through into your basement. Using other waterproofing procedures will make sure your basement is protected.

    Prevents Structural Damage

    The best waterproofing methods will prevent excess water from flowing and causing severe damage to your basement. You can avoid problems that can cause severe damage, unnecessary expensive costs, and unhealthy conditions by using Smart Foundation Systems services or another experienced waterproofing contractor. Contacting a waterproofing contractor is the best solution because professionals will assist you to get rid of excess water, clean up, and waterproof to avoid another disaster from happening.