Hot Plate Stirrer Device, Features and Different Uses

Hot Plate Stirrer Device, Features and Different Uses

When it comes to buying laboratory equipment, high-level performance and precision are the two basic requirements that you cannot ignore. One of the most important tasks in a laboratory is processing the reaction between fluids or solids precisely according to the requirement of an experiment. The momentum of stirring plays a crucial role in the successful execution of a reaction. Another major thing you need to consider is the temperature level. A hot plate stirrer magnetic device is meant for serving these purposes proficiently. It looks like a typical induction cooktop but equipped with sophisticated features. Let’s understand in detail how it works. 

Understanding the working process of magnetic stirrer hot plate

As the name is illustrating, it is a kind of electrically operated hot plate. A heating element is equipped on the surface where you can place stirring beakers. Every hot plate has different capacities of weight handling such as 2 litres, 5 litres, 10 litres or 20 litres. The hot plate comes with a magnetic panel that acts like a magnetic stirrer. When you turn on the device, it creates a rotating magnetic field. In a typical hot plate, bar magnet coating is applied along with a rotating magnet to serve the purpose. When you turn on the device, the temperature and rotation frequencies stir solid and liquid elements placed on the plate. Both chemistry and biology laboratories need this device for executing numerous experiments. 

Some important features to look in the best magnetic stirrer hot plate:

1. Efficiency 


  1. Efficient heating is one of the major characteristics you need to check in a hot plate stirrer. Some reactions need temperature up to 300 degrees Celsius or more. Choose a device according to the requirement of your daily uses. 
  2. Make sure that the device is capable of providing a smooth and steady temperature. reactions in the laboratory require a sophisticated environment. If the stirring process is not smooth, you may not get expected results.
  3. please check whether the device has a microprocessor PID temperature control or not. 
  4. Have you checked the stirring speed and positions of a device before buying? While buying an efficient stirring device, a mixture that its speed can be increased up to 1200 RPM. 

2. Safety concerns 

  1. There should be adequate safety protection from high-temperature hazards. Modern devices come with smart technology that turns off automatically if the temperature rises above your preset instructions. 
  2. Check the quality of the heating plate. Ceramic glass plates are the safest options because they can resist high temperature. Also, this material is easy to maintain because of the anti-corrosive properties.

3. Operational Features


  1. The digital hotplate stirrer you are going to buy should be simple to operate. Get a demonstration before buying to make sure that beginners can handle its functions conveniently. 
  2. Equipment with smart features has the capability to save the last settings automatically in the database so that you don’t have to repeat the same process again and again while doing experiments. 

This information will definitely help you in figuring out the best quality stirring hot plate from the market. You will find different types of models possessing distinctive features. Check the specifications such as stirring capacity, temperature precision and heating plate quality carefully to make sure that it is capable enough to serve the purpose.