Railcar Mover Market – Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Trends by 2029; COVID-19 to Affect Future Growth Trajectory

A railcar mover refers to a dual-mode vehicle that is capable of moving easily on both railway tracks and conventional roads ways. The global railcar mover market is likely to witness considerable growth over the period of assessment due to its convenience and cost effectiveness.

Customers are opting for railroad services as it is cheaper and convenient than paying the operators of railroads to do the switching job as owning a switcher locomotive is an extremely expensive option.

Cost Efficiency of Railcar Movers is Likely to Spur Market Growth

These days, railcar movers are made with hybrid engines, which are not affected by the volatility of the prices of crude oil. This is estimated to augment the cost effectiveness of the railcars, which will influence the growth of the global railcar mover market in the near future.

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The incorporation of the Internet of Things (IoT) with the technically advanced train car movers can result in the equipping of sensors present in the railcar movers with electronic devices. Such a technological advancement is likely to assist in the monitoring of various statistics such as

  • fuel level
  • track speed
  • throttle position

In addition, railroad transport that is supported by railcar movers emerges as more efficient and effective one as it is capable of managing a huge cargo volume within a short period of time. This factor is likely to bolster the growth of the global railcar mover market in the forthcoming years.

Railcar Mover Market: Overview

Growing urbanization and rising participation rate in economic activities across the world are projected to be major driving factors pushing demand for railcar mover in the global market. A railcar mover is incorporated with couplers. This helps in mobilizing certain amount of railroads cars at railing side and within mall premises.

These railcar movers are designed to function on rail tracks and roads, as well. Convenience of use and cost-effectiveness are significant factors propelling adoption rate of railcar movers, when compared to other locomotives. In addition, railcar movers are light weight.

The upcoming report on railcar mover market provides insights about various factors affecting growth of the market during forecast period (2019-2029). The market intelligence report also provides details about restraining factors that are likely to interfere with growth of railcar mover market.

Railcar Mover Market:  Notable Developments

Moving forward, integration of Internet of Things (IoT) with railcar movers will, further, facilitate integration of other electronic devices and sensor-based devices. This will assist in monitoring real time data such as speed, throttle position, and fuel level. Also, incorporation of IoT will enhance productivity rate and efficiency of the railcars.

Further, IoT integration is likely to offer various functions such as fuel management, predictive maintenance, and GPS tracking.

The trend is likely to gain substantial traction in the global railcar mover market in coming years.

Some of the key players operating in the railcar mover market are-

  • Trackmobile
  • Unilokomotive
  • Shuttlewagon
  • Rail King

Railcar Mover Market: Key Trends

Railcar mover market value depends on reliability of the product, pricing, and technological modification. These factors are entirely controlled by the manufactures. Increasing demand for oil and gas, mining industry, coupled with manufacturing sector are some of the dominant factors underpinning growth of railcar movers market across the globe.

Railroad transportations are found to be energy-efficient. Hence, it is preferable by consumers. As a result, the segment is witnessing significant demand rate.

Railroad transportations are collaborating with railcar mover to provide efficient and effective transportation. The collaboration enables enhancement of capacity to transport high volume of cargo in less amount of time, comparatively.

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These railcar movers have undergone substantial changes. Nowadays, railcar movers are incorporated with hybrid engines.  They consume less amount of fuel and enable easy movement on and off the track, both. These movers have remained unaffected by changes in the prices of crude oil, which is influencing growth of railcar driver in the global market.

Metals and mineral industry is anticipated to be one of the key consumers of the technology, owing to advancement in the industry. Railcars are used for transportation of metal and minerals. This, in turn, is boosting growth rate for railcar movers market.

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