You find some in your sink. You find some in the shower. You find some in your brush. You find some all over your sweater. Your hair is everywhere. You have to do a random loose hair check before you leave the house. Unfortunately, that’s a normal part of being a woman.

But as you get older you notice you lose more and more hair. Maybe you’ve noticed a bit more on your brush. Or you found a bit too much hair on your hair tie when you took your hair down the last time.

Women have to really watch out for hair loss. I mean, we do have more of it. So we have more to lose. Let’s look at some ways to help stop, or at least slow down, hair loss in women.

Why You Are Losing Your Hair

To be able to help slow down your hair loss you need to understand why you are going through it. Then you could try to undo do what you are doing. Okay, so here’s some reasons you are losing it.

  • Stress
  • Age
  • Pregnancy
  • Over styling
  • Poor Diet
  • Need more vitamins

Now, I don’t have time to list all of the reasons why you could be losing your hair, so these are just a few, and some of the main ones.

If you looked at the list and thought, oh man, oops, then yes, you need to pay more attention. We have enough on our plate ladies, let’s not let hair loss be another.

Telling you to stop stressing or to stop aging is laughable right? But knowing what is causing you to lose your hair is important. Control what you can and don’t worry about what you can’t. Let’s check out how to stop hair loss in women.

How to Keep Your Hair

Well we just saw how we are losing our hair. So how to slow down hair loss and keep more of your hair is doing the opposite.

  • Watch your diet

Please pay attention to what you eat. You need protein. You need vitamins. More greens, chicken, and fish.

  • Vitamins

If you don’t think you can get all of what you need out of your diet, you should look at taking a supplement. Look for only what you need. You don’t need to take 51 different ones.

  • Massage your scalp

I honestly didn’t know this was a big thing until recently. You have to massage your scalp. Either with a wooden brush or with your fingers in the shower, you need to pay attention to your scalp. Wake up those follicles and roots and help your hair to grow naturally.

  • Wash your hair as often, or as little, as you need

If you are over washing your hair, then stop it. No one needs to wash their hair every single day. Take a break. Let your natural oils replenish your hair. By washing your hair’s natural oil off so frequently you are actually damaging your hair and will make it fall out more.

  • Watch the heat

Watch out with that hair dryer. With your straightener. With your flat iron. If you do heat style your hair you need to, must use, have to have, products for such a thing. There are great heat protecting serums and other products for heat styled hair. Overheating will make your hair jump off of your head for a cooler climate.

Love Your Hair

Whether you can tone down your stress or not, you need to embrace what you are working with. After I had my kids and noticed my hair was no where near the same as it was before, I learned how to style it to make it look halfway decent.

If you can’t deal with your hair loss, see a doctor or dermatologist to see what options are available for you. At least we are getting old enough to get to that phase though, right?