Why your School needs custom enamel pins

    custom enamel pins

    Custom enamel pins are a phenomenon. Maybe it hasn’t touched your lives as of yet but it will. You might not be noticing them because they’re all around you. From the television with your favorite pundits and politicians donning American flag lapel pins or enamel brooches. In your everyday life you’d likely come across an enamel pin at your favorite restaurants and businesses with employees wearing “flair”, name-tags and pins advertising the latest deals and sales. So if you own your own business or perhaps work in a school or university, don’t fall behind the trend!

    There’s really no end to the applications and uses for custom enamel pins. Here are some examples of uses Universities, Colleges and Schools have found for their own pins:

    • Orientation Day Gifts
    • Graduation Presents
    • Nametags
    • Keychains
    • Years of Service and Anniversary Awards
    • Perfect Attendance
    • Dean’s List / Principal’s List / Superintendent’s List
    • College Athletic Merchandise
    • Fundraisers

    So what makes a custom enamel pin such a draw? From the people we talk to, it’s one or a combination of three things: affordability, customizability and classiness.



    When it comes to school budgets, needless to say they’re tight and there are dozens of departments competing for funding. Don’t stress your pocketbook with one off, elaborate yet mundane trophies. Custom enamel pins are minimalistic and along with that low footprint comes lower costs.



    Unlike awards you can get at a local shop, a custom enamel pin is truly that, custom. Made from scratch and typically computer designed free of charge, these pins can accurately reflect your school’s theme, colors and logos. That is in lieu of a trophy with only an engraved plaque or a glass award with a laser etched line of words.



    When you think of a lapel pin, jewelry might come to mind as well and there is a reason for that. The roots of the lapel pin come from women’s brooches and the idea of highly perceived value go hand in hand with a custom enamel pin.

    Don’t just take my word for it, look into these custom lapel pins from companies’ like Pincious.com and find out how they can help your university, public schools or colleges today!