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Hello folks, we have with us Imran Khan, a well-known motivational coach, Mr. Imran Khan. Let’s have some conversation:

Hello Mr. Imran, Please introduce yourself:

I’m a life coach. I guide and deal with people daily and help them deal with their personal and professional life problems, allowing people to achieve high in life. I’m a self-made businessman and deal in with crypto-currency. And I also work as a social media influencer and positively influence the people and motivate them to achieve their dreams in life.

Please tell us about MAKS Technologies Ltd:

MAK’s TECH is one of the leading web development companies with their Headquarter in the UK. We are recognized for offering distinctive digital intelligence and interesting mobile applications. We’ve achieved superiority in Blockchain development, Machine Learning Application and IOT as well. We offer best solutions to our clients by considering their needs for the project. Out team comes up with extensive research for the project considering the market trends for the best in-demand solutions.

Your expertise?

My expertise in dealing with people motivates them. I’m a motivational speaker and help people in achieving their dream goals in life. I’m a life coach life coach is the one who helps people in analyzing their personal as well as professional life dreams. A life coach is not the usual person who counsels and motivates you; he is the one who is experienced and well aware of his work and knows how to deal with people professionally. I’m also a businessman. I run my own companies like MAKS technologies provide the finest quality of IT services. Recently, I also get the award for the Best Emerging Life Coach 2020 which is an honor for me.

Explain business filed:

Business is an activity that people do according to their interests and needs. Business is something related to buying and selling different products according to your interest it is not necessary to have huge companies it can be any work that you are dealing your own and is profitable for you to be successful in any business field you must be hardworking and have firm devotion with your work. It would be best if you worked with consistency to achieve great honesty; consistency is the keys to success in any business field, and how you grow your business brings a life coach. I also advise other people on how to grow their business and achieve big in life by utilizing your own skills, and business always develops with teamwork. Hence, team coordination is essential in any field.

Social media account:

Being a life coach, it is my job to consult with people and help them in achieving their life goals people can contact us on social media on

Thank you for your time and we are hoping that people get some effective tips from all of your interviews. For the young people, Imran Khan is really a motivation so please follow him on Instagram and get assistance.



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