Introduction (NJIKO INC)
NJIKO INC is a nonprofit organization equipped exclusively to educate the public on issues of social injustice. They provide opportunities for people to learn about issues they face (including racism, bullying, domestic violence, sexual violence, and more) and discover ways to make a difference and impact their community. NJIKO INC provides technology to unite and educate people about how to improve their lives and the lives of others.

The Problem

Our society is struggling to address social injustice because we have failed to create sustainable products that address it. We have become noisemakers who pop out when the issues are hot and go to sleep when the issues are cold. Just like we warm our food whenever it gets cold, we need to keep the conversation going on social injustice around the world. We cannot wait to be victims ourselves before we take action. We must empathize with one another and find a sustainable solution.

Their Commitment To Social Justice
The vision of NJIKO INC is to educate people all over the world by building technological products that provide important services to fight social injustice.

NJIKO INC team is committed to using skills to build amazing digital products that can inspire change and spark conversations using the best technology.

They are committed to engaging all communities in the world on social justice pain points like racism, sexual violence, domestic violence, amongst others.

NJIKO INC team is committed to helping their community have access to services like education, mental health, legal guidance, amongst others.

Get Involved
You can change the world with your skills, your goodwill, and financial resources.

Ways To Help

Give to Their Cause
Your donations can help them to grow their mission. Please go and give them donations according to your budget.

Become NJIKO’S Ambassador
You can also involve in them by sharing their website and this article. Tell your friends about NJIKO INC. Your one share can help them to fight social injustice.

Donate your time and skills with NJIKO INC. If you think that you have some skills and time that can help NJIKO to fight social injustice, please use that skills because its your responsibility.

Their Product
Their tech team is building an app where people can create groups under social justice topics like racism, bullying, domestic violence, sexual violence, amongst others. The app will help people invite their friends to join the conversation directly from their group page, educate people on social justice, and share their thoughts including pictures and videos.

So, if you are interested in helping NJIKO INC to fight social injustice, please go to their website where you can donate or help them by using your skills

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social media pages, where you can get more information about social injustice.

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