Find Out More About Mobility Solutions in 2022

Physically moving, wandering, witnessing the sceneries, and engaging in the day to day activities without any trouble is basically what everyone is dreaming of. No one likes to stay limited to a certain atmosphere due to the restrictions or disabilities of mobility. For the millions of people who are looking to solve problems arising due to mobility issues, En Mouvement Laval has come out with their best solutions.

  • Stairlift

If you’re worried about not being able to access the other floors of your house or maybe the workplace, Stairlift is the best solution for it. A stairlift is a movable chair that is directly fixed to the staircase. It takes you from one floor to another comfortably and most importantly safely. The En movement team always considers the safety of its users and does not produce anything that tears your joints. The Stairlift works with rechargeable batteries and will not need manpower to function. Moving up or down on Stairlift will probably be an enjoyable experience for anyone as it saves time and quicker your way up or down. Stairlift chair benefits not only for wheelchair occupants but also for kids and pets. It just moves them without exposure to any injuries. You can find three types of Starlift chairs, namely, Stannah Stairlift, Stannah curved Stairlift, and Atlas 600 straight Starlift. You would not worry any longer if you install a Stairlift chair in your residence. 

  • Stair climber

If you’re in need to go to a public place that has stairs, Stairlift might probably not work. In this instance, you need a device that can fix the wheelchair quickly. The stair climber is one of the best solutions for it. With the assistance of a caregiver, this particular device can be fixed to the wheelchair and it helps you to overcome any staircase challenge. The stair climber provides a smooth movement both upwards and downwards. As the machine works with rechargeable batteries, neither the caregiver nor the wheelchair occupant needs to push or pull. Gladly, it works automatically without troubling anyone else. The stair climber is a safe product that you can use when an elevator is not working. The Roby stair climber, Scalamobil stair climber are the two types of climbers that you can find online to purchase. Fixing a stair climber to the wheelchair when it’s necessary, will probably make life easier. 

  • Bath lift

The bath lift helps you to fit the appropriate height when the bathtub has nonstandard depth. It avoids you from feeling worried when you can’t lower yourself to the bottom of the bath. By using this remote control, the water-resistant bathtub anyone can bathe restfully without the assistance of a caregiver. You can comfortably sit on the bath lift in any position that relaxes you. As it’s portable, you may never forget to carry the bath lift wherever you go for a fantastic bath. Normally, a bath lift supports up to 300 lbs in weight. Like the above-mentioned devices, the bath lift also uses a rechargeable and durable battery. Aquatec bathtub is one of the best products that you can purchase. 

  • Residential elevators

Living in a house that you do not have access to each floor is not acceptable. Maybe, thinking about how to move to another floor might have stressed you and wasted your time more than you think. The residential elevators are one of the easiest steps that you can take to overcome the staircase challenge in the house. The residential elevators will take you to any floor in the house quickly. Further, the elevators have an emergency button if in case an issue arises. A new elevator would harmonize with the décor of your residence. If you’re still wondering, why you should fix an elevator, it’s because that’s one of the best mobility solutions in 2022.

Having mobility issues is normal, but it can be overcome. The time that you worried about not being able to move has come to an end. Make your moving dreams a reality by choosing the best solutions. You’re never too late to fix the best mobility devices to make your day to day life easier.