Are’s Reviews 100% Legit and Unbiased?

On a scale of 10, how quickly do you want to get rid of your timeshare?

5, 10, or…12?

It is a terrible nightmare to be stuck in a timeshare contract that is emptying your pocket. The mortgage payment, high-maintenance fees, and other charges are not worth spending the vacation at the same place every year.

People who’re trapped in a timeshare contract want the best companies to help them.

Finding the best cancellation company is a no-brainer. You can search the internet to find out the best companies.

But wait for a second…

How would you know if these self-acclaimed best companies are actually the best?

This is where comes to your rescue!

I know what you are thinking right now…

“Are’s Reviews 100% Legit and Unbiased?”

Yes, my dear reader, they are! 

And you don’t have to take my word for it. 

Because the following reason is enough to make you believe that is the best website. It has a list of timeshare cancellation companies and genuine reviews to help you make a better choice.

Let’s have a look at these reasons…

Why Are’s Reviews 100% Legit and Unbiased?

  • Reviews based on BBB’s Ratings and Trustpilot reviews the timeshare cancellation companies based on their ratings and reviews on the most trusted platforms. 

Companies can remove the negative reviews on their social media handles and website. But, there is no way they can remove the clients’ reviews on Trustpilot and Better business bureau (BBB).

The website shows the company’s ratings from BBB and Trustpilot. This means the website doesn’t give positive reviews to companies with low ratings on BBB and Trustpilot

The next reason which proves why the website has legit reviews is that it…

  • Provides the Overview of Cancellation Company’s Website

The website also discusses the cancellation company’s website. It provides an overview of the important web pages and what the person can find on them.

This means visits the websites, explores them, and then reviews them. 

See the overview of Resolution Timeshare Company’s website.

By looking at the overview, one can easily get an idea of what they’ll find on the website. This shows that doesn’t review any website unless it inspects its website.

Another reason why you should believe in is…

  • Highlights the Negative Points’s goal is to help people find the right timeshare cancellation company. Hence, it discusses both pros and cons of the company.

Many websites only talk about the positive aspects of the company. And they overlook talking about the company’s weaknesses. 

But, the reviews on are based on the pros and cons of working with the cancellation company.

Let’s move on to another reason, which is…

Talks about History and Performance Rate of a Company

 The performance rate of a cancellation company is very important. The longer the company has been in the market, the more reputable it is. shares the history of the company. It talks about the key members of the company. And also shows the number of employees in the company.

This again shows that reviews on are posted after thorough research of the companies.

The website also backs up all the claims with proper stats and data. So that there is no room for doubts and suspicions. 

  • Information backed by Proper Stats and Figures

Many reviews claim that the company is successful in cancelling timeshares. But do they mention the number of cases? Nope, they don’t!

But, here at, it gives you the exact number of:

  • Number of timeshares that the company cancels in a year
  • Number of employees
  • Success rate, etc.

Finding it hard to believe? See it for yourself:

The numbers make you aware of how competent a company is. 

The website also talks about the workings of the timeshare cancellation company. It briefly outlines the steps a company takes to help you exit your timeshare. Let’s talk more about it…

  • Talks about How the Company Works to Cancel Timeshare 

A person feels more at ease if he knows how the company works. And this is exactly what wants to do. To help people select the best timeshare cancellation company with ease.

Talking about the company’s course of action is not possible without proper research. This clearly shows that the reviews on this website are not biased. Instead, they’re posted after studying the company, and it’s working in detail.

Also, the reviews on this website are super simple to understand. 

  • Easy to Understand Reviews

How do you know if the review is legit and not posted by the company employee?

It’s pretty easy to spot a fake review than a genuine one. All you have to do is read the comment. If it’s easy to understand and has no technical terms, it is original. 

But, if the review is difficult to understand or contains difficult industrial words, it’s fake. And probably written by the company staff. doesn’t allow comments from the general public. It evaluates the company’s rating on the following sites before giving a review:

  • Trustpilot,
  • BBB,
  • Social media, and Google.

And the reviews are easy to understand. It doesn’t use any difficult words which the general audience is not familiar with.

See how it discusses the pros and cons of the company in bullet pointers. It hardly takes a few seconds to scan it and take all the information that you need.

Moving on to our last point that proves the legitimacy of is…

  • Gives Proper Verdict

This is the best part about It reviews the companies and recommends them to people who want to cancel their timeshare.

See it for yourself how they do it:

When people get a recommendation from a trusted website, they do not hesitate to consult the company. It is great for people who have no clue about the timeshare cancellation companies in the market.

100% Original, Honest, and Unbiased Reviews…Just A Click Away! is a hub of legit reviews about timeshare cancellation companies. 

If you are desperate to set yourself free from the timeshare, you need to consult with the best company. I repeat, the BEST COMPANY! understands you. It wants you to find the best company for a timeshare cancellation. Thus, they simplified the job for you by posting 100% unbiased reviews on its website.

All you have to do is read them and make the right decision.

All the best!