Earn 60,000 to 5 lakh rupees a month by giving your vacant property to the bank, Many private and nationalized bank in India is giving you a good opportunity to earn fixed monthly income from the property.

For the convenience of the growing population in India, the requirement of new branches of ATMs and banks is increasing rapidly, if you have a vacant property then you have an excellent chance to earn a good monthly rent for the next 9 years. Give the property to bank ATM installations or vacant space to the bank for a new bank branch. Let us also tell you the rules for applying.

Due to the Coronavirus, Nowadays it has become a challenge for many property owners to rent vacant properties. The same atm cash. is providing a solution to rent out the vacant property. If you have vacant land, plot, shop, or any big space then you can give your property to the bank for 9 years for ATM machine installation or bank branch opening. In today’s era, a new trend is being observed in giving property banks and is fast catching up in cities Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Lucknow, Pune not only in small cities like Kanpur, Rajkot, Bihar, Jamshedpur, Noida, etc.

What is the process to get ATM machine installed?

The general guidelines for applying for an ATM set-up on the property are as below.

  • File an application in an atm cash.in for ATM installation or wants to give space to bank.
  • The applicant should fill in complete details of the property such as area, locality, nearby landmarks and property ownership details etc.
  • The company will review the application and will identify the demand and footfall in the area and accordingly process the application. Typically, banks prefer freehold properties that do not have any mortgages or encumbrances.
  • On the approval of the application, the applicant has to submit any other required details in the standard prescribed form on [email protected].
  • The Company will enter into a minimum 9 years rent agreement with you.

The rent offered by banks varies between Rs 60 per sq ft and Rs 200 per sq ft.

Investment Required

To install an ATM machine, you have to deposit an application fee of Rs 25000 on https://www.atmcash.in and you have to invest Rs 2-3 lakh including the security amount and some other expenses, for the bank branch you will have to pay Rs 3-4 lakh. Investment has to be made. Out of this, the maximum amount deposited is of security, which is returned to you without any interest at the end of the lease agreement.

For more information you can contact directly at [email protected] or login to www.atmcash.in

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