After Lockdown Immigration minister of Canada plans to curb immigrant exploitation

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After Lockdown Immigration minister of Canada plans to curb immigrant exploitation Ahmed Hussein, the immigration minister of Canada, is planning to control the operations of illegal Canada migration agent. These consultants actually promise workers high paid positions in Canada. However, when they arrive in Canada, such workers have to work in low paying jobs. They are promised such jobs and work permits in Canada. However, no immigration consultant can get you a work permit of Canada. To get the work permit of Canada, a job offer must be promised by you by a company in Canada. Apart from a job offer, an LMIA is also needed to work fruitfully in Canada.

Canada plans to curb immigrant

Foreign worker scams-Luring innocent workers.

Such immigration consultants make fake promises to lure innocent workers who pay huge amounts to get such jobs. When such workers arrive in Canada, no job is waiting for them, and they work in low paying jobs to make ends meet. Such low paying jobs don’t require a work permit at all. Mr. Hussein said that since he is an immigration attorney, he discovered a lot of such fake immigration consultants. These innocent workers were not able to get a job in Canada and had to work as waiters. Therefore, Mr. Ahmed Hussein wants to make sure that anyone who wants to employ a non-Canadian worker only does through an agent who has been given a license by the government.

Workplace inspections will be conducted so that the employers can be checked for whom they have hired.  There has been a suggestion of the introduction of open work permit, but the idea has been rejected by Mr. Hussien, as it will increase costs for the employers. When there will be an open work permit, the employee will be free to work for any employer, reducing the chances of exploitation.

International Student Scam

Such immigration consultants also trap innocent students telling them that while they study they can also work. Working while studying is only allowed to those whose study permit has the eligible condition mentioned that they can work off-campus or on-campus. So, just because you are going to study in Canada, does not mean automatically you can work.

To work off-campus, you must have taken admission in a designated learning institution. Apart from that, a condition to be able to work for only 20 hours per week exists during school weeks. This kind of benefit of working off campus does not apply to you if you are studying in a course involving learning English or any other kind of preparatory program. You must be in a full-time program to be able to work off campus.

After you have completed your studies, you can definitely work in Canada, again the condition must be the same that it should be a designated learning institution. You can work in Canada on a post-graduation work permit which must be taken 90 days after completing your studies. Again, your course must have a duration of 8 months. The maximum duration of this work permit is 3 years.

There are many programs which provide work permits to foreign workers.  Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program does not require an LMIA to be done for the employee. This program allows workers to be employed in Canada, in the 4 provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia. This program will check your educational credentials through the ECA report. You can also get your language skills checked through the IELTS test or Canada Immigration points calculator. A CLB4 result is needed in this test to get selected for AIPP. When you are selected for the AIPP program, you have to contact a settlement provider in the province. Apart from that only designated employers can provide job offers. After Lockdown Immigration minister of Canada plans to curb immigrant exploitation