SEO Services New York | How eCommerce Businesses Can Increase Sales

Today’s shoppers spend more time online than anywhere else to research a product they are about to buy. They spend anywhere between 10-13 days to learn about a high-worth item.

And if your New York eCommerce business does not appear on top of their search results, they may choose your competitors over you. You can never take your competitors out of the picture, but with the help of SEO services in New York, you can boost your sales.

The numbers do not lie.

  • 4 in 5 people use Google or other search engines to search for local businesses.
  • 45% of users check the availability of a specific product at a local store.
  • While the percentage of non-local searches that result in a sale is 7, it is a staggering 18% when consumers use their smartphones to find local information.

So, if you are still stuck in the conventional ways of selling, it is time to change. Transform your business into one that fits the modern-day consumer. Here are some ways to do that.

Online Presence

Per estimations, eCommerce sales are going to hit 22% of all global retail sales. Word-of-mouth and referrals do not cut it anymore. If you do not promote your business online, it is as if you do not exist. It is incredibly beneficial for your business if you make it more visible online.

Hiring SEO services in New York is a vital part of your online marketing strategy to help you reach your customer base. Your website becomes your brand’s face and enables you to present your best characteristics on the digital platform.

Even when people do not buy online, 65% of them compare product prices online and walk into a store to purchase it. An enhanced digital presence is bound to drive sales if your business has a physical location in New York along with your online storefront.

Local SEO

Everybody wants things to get done quickly. When people use their smartphones to search for local information, they want answers faster and connect with businesses in seconds.

Most users do not even bother to go to the second page of search results. The user expectations are the reason you should improve your search rankings. Optimizing your site for local searches can attract more people who search for stores or services in their vicinity.

For example, when they input their location along with the keywords, such as “grocery delivery Rochester,” it becomes a local search. Even by default, Google narrows the search results by showing the websites of Rochester businesses that are local search-optimized.

On-Page Optimization

You can guarantee success with a continued online presence for your business. The first and foremost thing vital to this process is basic keyword research. Expert SEO services in New York can ensure that your titles, URLs, headlines, meta tags, and meta descriptions are optimized for local queries.

Use long-tail keywords: Put the customer first when you think of the keywords – understand how different people tend to search for stuff. Segment your target demographic to understand their search intent.

Let us say you are an online store that sells electronics. Instead of optimizing your page for “best headphones in New York under $2000,” try being more specific.

You may want to rank for “active noise canceling over-ear headphones in New York under $2000” or “best audiophile open-air headphones for gaming in New York under $2000,” depending on the products displayed on the page.

Add your location on main pages: If you want local rankings for your eCommerce business, you need a physical address. Essential pages on your websites, such as the home page, contact us, about, and FAQs page, need to display your location and contact information. Have dedicated pages for each area, and input all the addresses in the main contact page if you have multiple locations.

Optimize your site for mobile: 51% of mobile users look for local businesses on the go, and 89% perform a local search at least once a week. As smartphones become indispensable in our lives, you must have a mobile version of your website. Or, use a responsive website design that displays your content across all devices.

Google Profile for Your Business

Set up a business profile and list it on Google My Business. Ensure that you add a physical address, not PO boxes or remote locations if you want to rank as a local business. Doing so is against Google’s guidelines. This way, customers can find you on Google Maps and Google search. Next, you need to build a local citation by adding your name, address, and phone number (NAP.)


When people need to hire a service or buy something, they usually look up what previous buyers had to say. To them, online reviews feel equal to personal recommendations. How does a customer outreach process for customers’ product reviews and testimonials on Google, Yelp, and other trusted sites help? Well, if potential customers see positive ratings and reviews about your discount pet supply store near Fulton, they are encouraged to do business with you.

Then again, this is a double-edged sword as negative reviews may damage your reputation, which is why you need brand management specialists. Experienced SEO agencies are knowledgeable about how to drop the search rankings of negative results and adequately convey your message to customers.


Focus on building high-quality backlinks that can divert traffic to your site. Before this, you may want to produce enough valuable content that is both entertaining and engaging.

You may reach out to friends, social media influencers, local business groups, or news websites to mention about your business. You may also check if any online venues need guest bloggers, and include a link to your website in your Guest posting services in USA.

eCommerce businesses would do well with a customer-centric, data-driven approach to SEO. Proficient SEO services in New York can define your target audience, segment them per demographics, and overcome the most significant obstacles your company faces. Boost your sales by building eCommerce SEO campaigns that improve your search rankings.