What is a ceramic hair straightener?

These incredible devices, since their launch on the market, have revolutionized the way of wearing the hair of almost all women who consider it as an indispensable piece in their daily care kit.

It is not surprising that over the years they advance more and more in terms of power and material to provide better results, however, there may still be doubts about what is a ceramic plate? Or why buy one? So we will explain it to you briefly. This is nothing more than an electric device with the same universal shape of a hair straightener that we all know but with plates made of ceramic that in some cases are covered with tourmaline in order to prevent static.

Said ceramic hair straightener is ideal for people who are just beginning to use it or for those with delicate hair who require more accentuated care since ceramic straighteners are recognized for not burning hair. They provide an effect as professional as the titanium plate, although you may require a greater number of strokes per strand depending on the brand or the intensity of heat since their plates are a little rougher, but without a doubt, just as efficient.

A characteristic that identifies them quite well is that they are usually cheaper than the rest, in addition to that, you can find them in different sizes and colors so finding one in your style will not be a problem.


How to use a ceramic hair straightener?

If you have never used an iron, we tell you that it is super easy. You won’t need to be an expert to buy one and start using it now. You simply must:

  1. Connect it to the power
  2. Press the power button
  3. Adjust the temperature according to the amount of heat with which you want to work your hair and wait for it to heat up well.
  4. Start placing strands between the plates and then slide down as many times as necessary until the hair is as smooth as you need.

Obviously, in advance, there are some indications that you should consider before exposing your hair to ironing, such as washing mode, products that you can or cannot apply, hair compartment, if it must be damp or wet, among other aspects that we assure you they will make a difference. Not everything depends on the iron, but also on the health of your hair. Constant exposure to heat could cause it to lose strength or shine, so supporting your ironing routines with special products is not a bad idea.

Likewise, it is important that you take into account being in a suitable place for the task and having the help of an esthetician to carry out the straightening. Now, if you are going to do it yourself make sure you have at least the basic notions of use, which you can easily verify through the manual that comes added to the plate once you purchase it.


Maintenance of your ceramic iron

This point is extremely convenient since once you stick to your straightener you don’t want it to get damaged quickly. On the contrary, it will be an advantage for you that it extends its useful life as long as possible, for this, you just have to follow the recommendations given in the operating instructions.

Each ceramic plate, depending on the brand, has its own form of care, which you will have to memorize and follow to the letter every time you use it. However, common standards include the following:


  • Avoid exposure to the sun or liquids that can damage the systems.
  • Connect the appliance only to the indicated voltage.
  • Take care that the device does not suffer drops or strong impacts.
  • Always unplug the iron after you finish using it.

To clean it, it will only require a semi-damp or dry cloth to remove any excess moisture or dirt that may be trapped on the plates or on their edges. This way, you will always keep it looking like new. Remember that for no reason you can immerse it in water. It is not a washable appliance, just clean gently and store it in a special place for it.

Finally, if you are one of those who apply greasy products at the time of ironing, which is impregnated on the plates, we recommend using alcohol or makeup remover solution on a cotton pad to clean the surface, which you must then remove very well to avoid damage to the hair. Never use detergent or any other product that is difficult to remove or that could damage the ceramic.


Titanium plates more efficient?

This question is one of the most common among the consuming public. Lately, a preference has been given for titanium plates since some claim that they are more efficient than ceramic plates. The truth is that this will depend on the brand and skill of whoever uses the tool. Both are excellent, they are simply different.

Titanium irons machine have perfectly smooth plates, so they tend to heat faster and deliver that heat more intensely to the hair. They leave hair shiny and smooth evenly and are ideal for controlling the annoying frizz. On the other hand, ceramic irons may require a little more effort on the part of the hairdresser, who will have to make a greater number of strokes to achieve the same result as with a titanium one, however, their main function is to protect the hair. Thermal damage, which is extremely convenient.

So both have their benefits, you just have to find out which ones are the highest priority for you. No matter which one you have, with a good job you will be beautiful. Some experts usually alternate both types of plates. The ceramic one is used at first to dry all the hair and then they apply the titanium one to finish off the work and leave it shiny and straight. This strategy is very put into practice when applying some hair treatments on severely frizzy manes.


Where to buy a ceramic hair straightener?

Surely, you are ready to go buy your new ceramic plate, but you are wondering which place will give you the best offers. Here we will give you 3 options for you to find the one that best suits your needs and especially your pocket:

Amazon: Just put ceramic plates in your internal search engine and voila. This virtual store will show you an endless number of models that not only have incredible prices but also the great advantage of extremely fast shipping that can even be free.

AliExpress: Last but not least we suggest AliExpress. You have a personal or online purchase that you cannot miss with excellent models and prices that will allow you to have the iron of your dreams easily and inexpensively.