Top 3 Ways to get Coins in 8 Ball Pool – Guide From PoolCoinShop

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Hello guys, if you are reading this article, then probably you’re also an 8 ball pool player like us, seeking ways to gather more and more coins in this game. Getting coins in 8 ball pool is really very hard and easy at the same time. You need coins to level up and play high tier matches in the game. Today we are going to mention some good ways to get free coins and also we will share our experience on paid method to get hell good amount of coins in lesser price. Everything we’re gonna tell is totally legal.

  1. Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook handle of 8 ball pool miniclip. They often do some giveaways of royal passes and they also put up some random legit links which can help you get some free coins. Though the amount isn’t that big, but still you surely can get a boost! All you have to just click on those links and it will take you in your game and you’ll be awarded with some free coins or free surprise boxes! If you’re lucky enough, you can even get a royal pass for an exclusive promo cue for free!

Link of 8 ball pool twitter handle :

Link of 8 ball pool facebook handle :

  1. Start looking for YouTube channels that do giveaway of 8 ball pool coins a regular basis. There are a number of YouTube channels that giveaway free 8 ball pool coins to gain subscribers and grow their channel. Follow the steps below to get bunch of free coins with this method
      1. Open YouTube
      2. Search the keyword “free 8 ball pool coins giveaway” and tap on the filter tab and select Live option. This will fetch you the results having list of channels that might be doing giveaway of 8 ball pool coins LIVE !
      3. Search for the unique id provided by them in the description and note it down.
      4. Now login into your game and in the friends tab, select “Add with unique ID”.
      5. Type the unique id, and add it as friend and challenge it!
      6. Now remove the user you just added via unique id and keep repeating all the steps from iv) until the player accepts your challenge.
      7. Once the game is connected, they’ll leave it.

With this method you can easily get a good amount of 8 ball pool coins in very less time and that too for free.

  1. Buy 8 ball pool coins from a 3rd party seller, who can personally play in your account to increase coins. Beware, there are many sellers online who would just take all of your money and then simply block you. You have to find someone trusted and an experienced player who can complete the task in an efficient and safe manner.

We would advise Poolcoinshop would be the best place if you have some real money to spare out in exchange of 8 ball pool coins.

As far, this is the best service we’ve come through. We tested it and it was flawless. The process was really simple and unique. There are many sellers online who might offer you coins in dirt cheap prices. But we would not recommend you going with those options, as they’ll transfer coins from their account to yours. You might be thinking what is wrong in that! But let us tell you, transferring of coins is illegal according to miniclip. They transfer coins and don’t inform you how they did it. A few days/weeks later miniclip can detect it and put a warning and remove all coins from your game and might even ban your account permanently.

You need to find a guy who can play like a real user and be fast to increase coins without putting your account at risk. That kind of guy you can only find on !

The guy at poolcoinshop personally plays every match in your game with a random guy and wins it. This even increases your weekly winnings as well as other in-game stats too. Since, every single coin is made via playing, miniclip can’t ban your account, thus the whole process is risk free! You can follow the steps below so that you can understand the whole process and chronology:

    1. Visit
    2. You can either contact via E-Mail or contact form given on the page, or you can simply chat with the guy on whatsapp for a faster response.
    3. Ask for the pricings and show a screenshot of your game profile so that he can quote a timeframe within which he can complete the order. Usually it take 2-3 hours to complete 100 Million 8 ball pool coins. Rest it all depends on your requirement.
    4. Make the payment via PayPal or other payment method accepted by them and give them your Miniclip login details and wait.
    5. In the given timeframe they’ll complete the order and you’re good to play in your game!

That’s all for today. This is the best guide so far that can help you gain coins in 8 ball pool !