Wedding Photography Titbits for Amateurs

Wedding Photography Titbits for Amateurs
Wedding Photography Titbits for Amateurs

These tips are coming from someone who has experience on what to expect whilst diving into the arena of Bengali wedding photography.

Perhaps you’ve been taking pictures weddings all along, a number of these tips might nonetheless be useful to you, so preserve on reading.

Don’t be a Sprinter

There are plenty of bad videos on the internet right now and these are from amateurs who suggest that it doesn’t matter if you haven’t shot a Bengali wedding photography before, you must just go for it and do it. Why not right? You’ll discover ways to do product photography, shoot people, couples and occasions all in someday and make a ton of money whilst you’re at it.

I think that is terrible recommendation. Firstly, you’re experimenting with one of the most critical days in someone’s life which they will want to enjoy in Bengali wedding photography. If you screw up, you could doubtlessly wreck the reminiscences from their day and that they won’t have pics to take into account it through.

Secondly, in photography, your call is everything. It’s your non-public brand, so in case you make a multitude of someone’s wedding ceremony, you would’ve dragged your own call through the dust and there’s no real way to recover from that.

List of Shots you’re going to Take

You’re in all likelihood wondering that having a shot list isn’t your style, that you need to be innovative on the day, you have a general concept within the creative inside of your mind of the shots you need to get and also you don’t want all people telling you what to do.

This can be true but now and again the strain can get a little too much and you can go completely blank. I’m now not saying that is exactly what’s going to happen to you but without any doubt I can say, it might actually happen.

Weddings can be quite overwhelming at instances with everything that is occurring and within the warmth of the moment, you could effortlessly overlook what photographs you had to get. If you fail to get a shot that you have planned, there will be no second chances as they won’t go through their special day all over again.

Rather be secure than sorry, it won’t take much of a while and you’ll keep yourself from having a number of headache and coronary heart break if you do this. So, a list of shots would actually help you.

Know your Equipments

You might think that you understand your digital camera very well however you don’t want to be that person who ruin’s someone else’s special day because your camera failed on you. This should be kept in mind when you are shooting a Bengali wedding photography.

When matters start shifting on a marriage day and you have to quickly take shots for a whole lot of one-of-a-kind lighting situations, you may realize that you don’t clearly understand your digital camera as much as you thought you did.

You want in order to observe a scene and without surely even questioning a good deal about it, understand exactly which settings on your camera want to be adjusted to reveal efficaciously and then a way to change the settings within seconds while you move into the next scene.

Picture yourself capturing the “yagna” or the fire ritual while the bride places her hand on the groom’s hand and subsequently they take the “saath pheras”. Now as the ceremony ends and they’re on foot down the path, they stroll from within the wedding stage to a bright and sunny day outside (if they are having an outdoor reception. You need to recognise how to expose for those two appreciably distinct lighting situations, at the same time as on foot backward, without looking up from your camera so that you don’t omit anything and without stepping on something and everything.


Often on a wedding day with Bengali wedding photography, relying on how strictly the couple sticks to the schedule, things can pass absolutely haywire and choices are made at the spot. Perhaps they determine to transport the group pix up with the aid of two hours and you’ve had no time to search for the first-class spot to capture them. You’ll be caught with picking a location that is within view and won’t accept anything that is less than perfect.

Family Portrait Photograph

I think the own family photo part of the day can become very hectic, especially for Bengali wedding photography. Especially when it’s a Bengali wedding and a Bengali wedding photography; and it consists of a huge joint family. So, chaos and disorder is everywhere, the family members (all of them) have their own set of highly-formed ideas. So, what you should do is, get the couple to appoint a circle of relatives and members (or one for each side of the circle of relatives) who can be the ‘director’ of the shoot. They can round everybody up, help get them within the shot and preserve matters transferring in order that the couple can get back to the party.