Guide on How to become a PRO 8 Ball Pool Player – Miniclip/Facebook

8 ball pool is an online multiplayer game, being played by millions of gamers around the globe. The game was initially introduced for desktop players, but gradually it got attention from players worldwide and was later introduced to Android and IOS. The game have basically 2 in-game resources that would help you to level up and gain more.

  • Coins – With these, you can play at higher tiers and win to gain up more coins.
  • Cash – With these, you can buy cues, surprise boxes and anything else that game has to offer!

Miniclip has designed this game in such a way that the player surely gets addicted to it, and have an urge to buy these resources from the in-game store. If you really want to progress in this game, you should be having a lot of coins to play with. With every game won, you’re awarded with XP that leads to a gain in your level.

Maximum level that a player can achieve is 999. Only a few players have reached to that mark. Alone coins cannot do the work, you should also have pool cash to get good premium, and legendary cues so that the gameplay gets easier and the chances of winning a match gets high.

Pro TIP :- One should shot bet the whole amount of coins they have, if lost, you might end up to 0. It is better to put small amount of coins in bet, so that even if you lose those coins, you have some left to recover.

Ways to get coins in this game are limited but we surely have some ideas that might help you to get more coins in less amount of money!

Apart from in-game store, there are many sellers who can provide you coins at a very cheap rate. It is not necessary to buy 8 ball pool coins from Miniclip, you can also choose some 3rd party services offered by pro-gamers. Poolcoinshop is a leading brand that helps players to increase their coins and other in-game stats at a very low price. Their Pricings start from a few dollars, in which you can easily get millions of coins to play with!

Poolcoinshop have variety of services to offer from, coins making service to boosting of account, they offer it all. The best part is, they don’t transfer coins between two accounts. These guys at poolcoinshop, personally play each and every game with random opponents to make your account gain coins. This way the coins completed are totally legit and miniclip can’t term it as transferring of coins. Thus, their is no chance of account ban.

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Other way of accumulating coins is to keep an eye on YouTube channels that giveaway coins in their channels. It’s advisable to not get coins in your account via transferring, but getting few coins Upto 200-300k, shouldn’t be a problem! Once you get Atleast 500k coins, you can start playing on Jakarta table. We would advise, don’t play on Toronto table unless you win 2 Jakarta matches in a row. Keep this rule in mind, and you’ll easily gain more coins.

We would also advise not to use legendary cues before 100 level. Legendary cues give more XP on a game won, but if you’re a low level player, its better to play on low level. This is because the opponents that game matches you to, would also be of low level. This makes it easy to win games and gain more coins.

Apart from that, you can look at the given channel below. From time to time they do 8 ball pool coins giveaway. It’s easy to get coins from them!

Rest, you can visit Poolcoinshop and have a look at what all services they have to offer!

Good luck with Game!