While visiting a car accident lawyer, you would have to bring the following documents to support your case.

Medical records

You would have gone to a hospital to treat your injuries happened because of the accident that happened on the road. There, the doctors would have given you the medical report for the injuries you have. You can use this report as evidence for the fact that you have gone through some injuries during the accident. If you have some images of your physical injuries, they could support the medical documents. It is necessary to mention the timing of the accident with some proof. A medical report would contain the details of the timing of the injury. So, you need not worry about proving your injuries and the timing of them if you have your medical records ready.

Police report

Although it is not a planned crime scene, the police would interfere and check the scene when there is a public accident. So, your scene would also invite the people from the local police department who would analyze the scene and ask some questions to the victim and the witnesses. After acquiring the necessary information, they would create a police report. This report will say everything about the accident including the causes and people who have done it. If you are the victim, you can use this report to support your case. There are cases where people drive without consciousness and awareness and end up in an accident hurting others who drive carefully. So, the police report could let you shed light on these people whose action has resulted in the accident. If you could not get the report at the scene itself, you should visit the local station and get one.

Photos and videos

If you can manage to take photos and videos during the accident, you can have an advantage during your case. They will act as clear evidence against the opposition and they could support your compensation claim. You can show your injuries and the damages that occurred to your vehicle during the accident in the form of photos and videos. However, they would not believe that the damages are due to that specific accident if you could not have the timestamp on your coverages. So, it will be helpful if you use a mobile with the timestamp option when you capture the images and videos. So, there will be proof of the timing of the shoot.

Loss of income and expenditure receipts

You may have a job that would cut your salary for your sick leaves and you may not be able to go to the job during your rest for your injuries. Also, you would have to spend a lot to recover from those injuries with the help of therapists’ visits and medications. So, there will be deductions in salary and an increase in expenditure that could hurt your finances. However, if you can manage to have the receipt for these, you can claim reimbursement.



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