Video Games to Beat Your Boredom

Gaming is a great past time for many people. During a time of chaos because of the pandemic, many of us will have more time for entertainment like gaming. It can be done safely inside during a scary time. If you want to try gaming out because you have got bored of what you usually do in your spare time or you’re a gaming addict who wants to try something new, here are some ideas on how to cure boredom with video games.

Hunting Games

One of the most popular types of games on console is first-person shooters. These include games like the Grand Theft Auto franchise. If you like the gameplay of shooting but want to mix up the world you are experiencing, try hunting games. You need similar skills in a new setup. You will experience different scenery and aim for different goals while still practising your shooting agility. If you are looking for recommendations for titles, why not try these games.

Longer Campaigns

If you find yourself with nothing to do, it could be because the games you are playing are too short. Just as you are getting into the gameplay, you’ve achieved all the goals of the narrative and have nothing else to do apart from start over. There are some games that have long-lasting narrative arcs that will hold up to the increased time being spent on gaming. A gamer favourite is the Final Fantasy franchise. This role-playing game has an intricate and immersive world. It is a world you can experience for an average of 120 hours in Final Fantasy VII.

For those looking for a more relaxing campaign, you could have a go at Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This game has been taking the world by storm recently and with an estimated 400 hours of gameplay, it will be getting people through lockdown for a while longer. If you are going to get invested in a game, it might as well be a world you can stay in for a long time.

Film Adaptations

The line between film and video game franchises are becoming blurred as concepts are transformed in both directions. The films coming out of video games aren’t just for gaming experts. Detective Pikachu tempted cinema-goers with the adorable animation. Sonic the Hedgehog got attention for slightly less favourable reasons. The internet condemned the initial animation of the film. The film’s creators gave in and made changes due to the feedback. You could embrace the entertainment forms of video games and film by having marathons of watching the films and playing the accompanying games.

There are lots of favourites to choose from. Lord of the Rings has a video game alongside its three films. You can get immersed in the fantasy world for hours on end. The Final Fantasy franchise got on board with game-film merging back in 2001 when it released Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Why not combine the popular past times of films and gaming to make the most of the worlds and characters created for your entertainment?

Horror Games

Maybe you just need a good scare to get you out of your boredom slump. There are loads of horror games to choose from. Many have been inspired by horror films and vice versa. Some are first-person shooters as it can be helpful to have a defence when facing scary things like zombies.

Horror games can also include elements from different genres like puzzles and role-play. Condemned: Criminal Origins has a murder solving element to it. The gruesomely staged crime scene is hiding a few surprises. Another plot-driven horror game is Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly. Inspired by Japanese horror the game is eerie and suspenseful while giving the characters an emotional backstory. Whether you are looking for jump scares or suspense, horror could be the distraction you are looking for.

Gaming can immerse you in a different world and adventure so much that you don’t realise how much time is flying by. There are all kinds of games out there, allowing you to find what captures your attention and imagination. If you are stuck in a slump and time is going too slow, check out a game or two.