Bitcoin Exchanges That Accept PayPal

Many PayPal fans are looking for ways to buy Bitcoins from PayPal. PayPal, the leading e-commerce market, has collaborated with the Bitcoin market. Although there is no direct way of buying Bitcoins from PayPal, there are ways around it. Listed below are several ways you can buy Bitcoins using PayPal.

  1. LocalBitcoins

This is perhaps the oldest and most recognized exchange site. This site enables users to trade face-to-face and in-person. Potential buyers are given the opportunity to select the seller of their choice. This platform is reliable, trustworthy, and maintains the security and privacy of its users. There is a very diverse range of sellers and buyers.

LocalBitcoins serves customers all across the globe except New York and Germany because of their local restrictions. On LocalBitcoins, the Bitcoins are anonymous,so user-privacy is maintained.

  1. VirWox

This site, based in Austria, was first established in 2007 to trade Second Life Lindens, among other currencies. With over 740Kk users, this site has become one of the most popular websites offering PayPal. Users can register for free, buy Linden Dollars, and then exchange these for Bitcoins.

VirWox also respects the privacy of its users by ensuring that Bitcoins remain anonymous. You are also not asked for any sort of verification. In addition to PayPal, there is also a range of other payment methods offered byVirWox.

  1. Paxful

Paxful was established in 2015 as a means of decentralizing exchange. This is a US-based site that offers a peer-to-peer exchange. This exchange is quite similar to eBay, acting as a mediator between traders.

This site is not restricted to any country and can be used in any country. This site uses gift cards as a means of payment and has a very low trading fee.  A feedback system ensures that potential buyers know their options well enough to make rational decisions.

  1. Cancoin

Cancoin is another peer-to-peer decentralized exchange site that offers multiple features. Customers are guaranteed the utmost security and privacy. This site serves only in the US and Canada currently, though it is expected to expand in the future.

The aforementioned platforms are ideal for buying Bitcoins using PayPal. To find more information about buying Bitcoins, you can visit