Specialty Paper Market Analysis: Industry Insights, Outlook and Forecast upto 2024 – 2030

Decor Paper Market: Overview

Décor paper is used in getting quality finishes on wooden materials after impregnating. Décor paper is used in a wide range of colors and weights. Machine-smoothed décor paper has gathered some steam among consumers. Some of the key application areas in the décor paper are flooring, paneling, and furniture surfaces. The demand for light-resistant and chemically inert décor paper has seen noticeable growth. The total worldwide production of wood based panels has already touched 400 mn m3. A key application area is abrasion-resistant laminate flooring.

Changing certification and standards criteria for products in wood-working markets vary from country to country. This has made a large bearing on the growth trajectories in the décor paper market. Rising paper and paperboard production has made a direct bearing on the demand and consumption of décor paper.

Key product types in the décor paper market are absorbent kraft paper, print base paper, and other décor paper. Key application segments contributing to revenues in the décor paper market are low-pressure laminates, high-pressure laminates, and edge banding papers.

Decor Paper Market: Key Trends

Expanding penetration of specialty paper is a key trend spurring launch of different types of décor paper. The growing demand for high quality decorative papers for the production of laminate flooring is a key trend boosting the prospects of the market. Moreover, strides being made in residential renovation and furnishing have spurred the use of décor paper. In particular, wooden laminate flooring seems to gather tremendous popularity among residential consumer segments.

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Expansion made in woodworking markets is a key trend boosting the décor paper market. Over the years, consumers have become increasingly conscious about the aesthetics of furniture. The demand for wood-based panel has also gathered strength on the back of decline in prices and the expanding array of designs of furniture available at affordable cost. Expanding array of specialty paper products in the décor paper market is strengthening the revenue potential in the décor paper.

Substantially rising demand for décor paper in wooden flooring applications such as the use of high-pressure laminates has spurred the prospects in the décor paper market. However, low-pressure laminates are also rising in popularity. Rapid pace of urbanization is a key trend adding to the growth avenues in the market.

Decor Paper Market: Competitive Development Analysis and Key Developments

Acquisitions and mergers are key strategies adopted by numerous players in order to consolidate their shares and positions in the décor paper market. New entrants based in specialty paper are seeking profitable avenues by expanding their product lines. In emerging markets, such as in China, pulp trading companies have increased their stakes. Rapidly expanding furniture and cabinets market can be attributed also to growing pace of urbanization and the demand for wooden flooring.

Some of the well-entrenched players looking for strengthening their overall position in the décor paper market are Lamigraf S.A., Pudumjee Paper Products, Ahlstrom-Munksjö Oyj., BMK GmbH, Onyx Papers Inc., SURTECO GmbH, KÄMMERER Paper GmbH, Neenah Inc., Fortune Paper Mills, Pura Group, and Malta-Decor Sp. z.o.o.

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