Ultimate RYO Cigarette Tobacco Guide

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All About RYO Cigarette Tobacco

Cigarette tobacco comes in a range of styles, blends, and flavors. Not only that, but cigarette tobacco and pipe tobacco are sometimes interchangeable. 

With that in mind, we’ve created this guide all about cigarette tobacco for RYO enthusiasts and of course, for those looking to join the movement.  

Below, we’ll discuss the different blends, flavors, strains, and cure-styles of cigarette tobacco. In addition to that, we’ll walk you through how cigarette and pipe tobacco compare. 

Plus, we’ll go over a few cigarette rolling tips and tell you where to find the best tobacco blends for the lowest prices online. Let’s get rolling!

Cigarette Tobacco Blends 

Cigarette tobacco comes available in a range of styles and blends. However, most American-grown smoking tobacco is cultivated in North Carolina. 

Additionally, bright Virginia strains are also available. In many cases, cigarette tobacco will contain a blend of at least two different strains.

For example, Bugler tobacco uses a Turkish blend with fire-cured Burley tobacco for a rich and mellow smoke that’ll leave you feeling satisfied for long periods. 

Alternatively, OHM tobacco uses almost exclusively Virginia leaves yielding a smooth consistent flavor. The most common strains of cigarette tobacco available in America are Kentucky Burley, Virginia bright, Turkish, and Cavendish. 

Curing and Flavoring 

Tobacco can be either flue-cured, air-cured, or fire-cured. These curing methods make tobacco smokable while delicately preserving specific amounts of moisture. They also determine what flavors will be imparted in the smoke and how high the nicotine content will be. 

Fruity, aromatic, spicy, and rosy flavors develop during the curing process. Air-cured tobacco has a sweet flavor with lots of nicotine. Fire-cured tobacco is rich and bold with similar nicotine content. Finally, flue-cured tobacco has a decent amount of nicotine and is smooth and flavorful. 

Most Common Cigarette Tobacco Flavors

Apart from the flavors developed during curing, additional flavoring is also sometimes added. For instance, mint and menthol flavors are available from almost every major rolling tobacco brand. 

Other popular flavors include original, light, silver, gold, and red. These color names indicate the strength, kick, and smoothness of each tobacco blend when it’s smoked. 

Pipe vs Cigarette Tobacco 

Sometimes, a tobacco blend will work for pipes and cigarettes. However, in most cases, pipe tobacco is cut differently. Pipe tobacco is cut longer and usually comes in a canister. Additionally, pipe tobacco isn’t always meant to be inhaled. 

Cigarette tobacco has a more refined cut and yields smoke that’s easier to inhale. Also, it will usually be labeled for use in cigarettes. With that in mind, some rolling tobacco is labeled as pipe tobacco for tax reasons. If you aren’t sure, just look at the cut. 

Also, cigarette tobacco usually comes in large resealable bags. These bags work to preserve freshness so the tobacco lasts longer. 

How to Roll Your Own Cigarettes

Rolling your own cigarettes is a great way to save money and enjoy a high-quality smoking experience. RYO is an abbreviation for “roll-your-own” cigarettes. 

Apart from the financial benefits of smoking RYO cigarettes, you’ll often also notice significant flavor improvements. Furthermore, RYO cigarettes can be customized to meet your specific preferences. 

To roll your own cigarettes from home, all you need are a few supplies. First, you’ll need a bag of your favorite cigarette tobacco. 

Then, you’ll need rolling papers or filtered tubes. If you buy filtered tubes, then an electric rolling machine will help you stuff them full of tobacco. 

Buying a Rolling Machine

Not to worry, manual rolling machines and electronic versions alike are both available at surprisingly low prices online. 

These machines let you make your own custom class-A cigarettes that are better than anything found at a gas station. 

Below, we’ll include a link to a website that actually sells both rolling machine types to help you get started. 

The Cheapest High-Quality Cigarette Tobacco

To check out an amazing selection of premium cigarette tobacco, smoking accessories, and rolling machines, just follow the link in this sentence! 

There, you’ll find an array of flavorful RYO cigarette blends. You can also buy in bulk, which will ultimately allow you to save more!

In Conclusion, rolling up a pack of smokes with premium cigarette tobacco is a great way to enhance your overall smoking experience.