The True History of Dutch Masters Cigars In America

Not only are Dutch Masters Cigars impressively smooth and slow-burning, but they’re also rich in history as well. Unfortunately, many are unaware of their fascinating legacy. In fact, when most people light up a cigar, they have no idea where it originated. To rectify this, we’ve created the following guide. 

Here, you can learn all about the history and tradition of Dutch Masters Cigars in America! After all, knowing about a cigar’s legacy is a great way to get the most out of your smoking experience. Plus, you’ll be able to dominate everyone with your cigar trivia. With this in mind, let’s dig into the rich past of Dutch Masters! 

An All-American Best-Seller Since 1911 

Dutch Masters has been the best selling cigar in America since the year 1911! These cigars are machine-made, meaning that they’re rolled uniformly in a factory setting. As such, Dutch Masters Cigars are both affordable and widely available; more so now than ever before! 

Rising Popularity in the 1950s

Historically, Dutch Masters gained the most recognition in the late 1950s. Due to their sponsorship of multiple television projects, they became a household cigar brand name. 

Additionally, comedian Ernie Kovacs worked closely with Dutch Masters, furthering their popularity. However, it didn’t end there, obviously! 

Brand and Company Ownership 

First, Dutch Masters was owned by the G.H. Johnson Cigar Company. They were the inventors of this brand and a very popular cigar manufacturer in the 1900s. 

Later, Dutch Masters Cigars became a mainstay of the Consolidated Cigar Corporation. This corporation eventually broke into various subsidiaries and sold their most popular brands to larger manufacturers. Finally, the Dutch Masters’s brand became part of Altadis USA. 

Altadis USA is a worldwide purveyor and maker of premium tobacco products. As such, the Dutch Masters’s brand fits right in with their preexisting cigar lines. Dutches are now distributed to various countries around the world.   

Distinctive Historical Packaging 

Dutch Masters Cigars can be identified by their distinct packaging. In true historical Dutch style, these cigars feature Rembrandt’s infamous painting, Syndics of the Drapers’ Guild. This painting is also sometimes referred to as The Sampling Officials. Additionally, this painting has an authentic Dutch title: De Stallmeesters. 

Dutch Masters Today 

Today, Dutch Masters are still extremely popular in the USA. These machine-rolled cigars come in an array of flavors and styles. Not only that, but they’re also inexpensive. As a result, smokers get to enjoy more value without sacrificing flavor, satisfaction, or quality! 

Blend and Wrapper

Manufactured in Puerto Rico and made with all-natural Cuban seed tobacco, this blend of cigars offers you a smooth pull and sweet finish every time. True masters of the cigar, this is a top option for anyone who wants an affordable, yet rich smoking experience without breaking the bank. 

Flavors and Styles

From Palma to Corona, Dutch Masters does not disappoint. For something quick and tasty, they also offer a range of impressive cigarillos. Additionally, smokers can choose from an extensive range of flavors including Sweet Fusion, Chocolate, Rum Fusion, Honey, Berry, Blue Dream, and many more. 

No matter which cigar you choose, you’re sure to enjoy quality and consistency, with a rich history to go along with every pull. When you light up a Dutchie, you’ll get the same quality that the brand has been offering smokers for over 100 years. 

That’s a Wrap

So now you know all about Dutch Masters and how their fine cigars came to be. Nothing enriches the smoking experience like knowing a cigar brand’s history. With this in mind, maybe it’s time to taste the legacy for yourself. 

Dutch Masters Cigars are now sold online! In fact, buying Dutch Masters Cigars online is the best way to get them at extremely low discount prices. Plus, if you buy in bulk, you’ll save even more as qualifying orders include free shipping. 

To see an awesome selection of Dutch Masters cigars and many other great tobacco products, simply click the Dutch Masters link above! With direct home delivery, you can have cigars delivered to your front door in just a few days!


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