Have a look on entire range of desert adventures available in Abu Dhabi

Have A Look On Entire Range Of Desert Adventures Available In Abu Dhabi

Last month, my family decided to visit UAE. We were five family members including my mom, dad, grandfather, me and my brother. We visited many places but we decided to go for desert safari adventure in Abu Dhabi. It was a unique experience for my all family members because we always wished to go for desert adventure. It was our first experience and I cannot explain it in my words. The all desert safari Abu Dhabi deals are perfectly affordable like we selected best deals available in AED 120.00 per person. In those deals we found many adventurous activities. The most satisfactory part was the pick and drop services.

 As we were tourists in Abu Dhabi, we did not know about many places so it was very reliable for us to avail this facility. We have three options: Al wahda mall Abu Dhabi, Mazyad mall Abu Dhabi and Safeer mall shabia Abu Dhabi but we selected Safeer mall shabia Abu Dhabi as our pick up and drop off location because it was nearest to our hotel. We were picked up there around 1:45 pm via an air conditioned bus and started our journey towards desert safari Abu Dhabi.

The panoramic view of mystical desert was glorious. The sun was sparkling its rays on the vast reservoirs of sand. My brother took some pictures at that time.The first activity they we encountered was dune driving session.It was a heart throbbing adventure. Firstly, I thought it was a dangerous activity but to my surprise the driver was trained enough to drive on the hills of sand. It was a hair rising adventure because those jumps increase my excitement level. The specially designed 4×4 vehicles were powerful enough for this adventure. Next adventure was the sand skiing. It was very relaxing and amazing activity. The wooden sand board was very slippery.

 I hold the hand of my father and started sand boarding. I was very nervous but it was more enjoyable than my expectations. There were a lot of other tourists. The inclined sand dunes were steep to do this adventure.There was an Arabic man who did sand skiing high up to half of a meter. Although, my grandfather was not allowed for sand boarding and sand dune driving session because of fitness issues. He had back bone problems, that’s why we paid attention for his safety but he equally enjoyed all other desert safari activities.

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The traditional Arabic dresses were breath taking beautiful. The colorful pattern with delicate embroidery and charismatic details were handcrafted skillfully. The photographer took a family picture of us. I tried different poses to get fabulous photographs. Those pictures were lovely to put on my instagram account. I and my mother also enjoyed beautiful henna painting tattoos. The painter was proficient to draw awe inspiring floral patterns with different colored henna. The smell was very pleasant. I left my brother at children’s playing area and we enjoyed other activities. The desert safari Abu Dhabi deals included many entertainment activities. The live dance performances were extra ordinary impressive. The secret tricks demonstrated during fire show must be admired. The Bellay dance show and Tanura dance equally entertained the audience. For the very time, I also tried Arabic sheesha pipe. It was a delightful experience. Now comes the dinner. The intercontinental barbeque dinner was mouthwatering and spicy. The separate bathroom facility was also satisfactory. Then, all of us were dropped at the same location in the same air conditioned bus at 11:00 pm. I highly recommend desert safari Abu Dhabi adventure to the tourists coming to UAE.

Have a look on entire range of desert adventures available in Abu Dhabi