Five Ways to Use Door Mats

One of the most important parts of any building is the door mat.

But chances are, many people actually neglect to invest in a good one! Door mats do so much for our home or business. Mainly being, they have a unique way of creating a warm welcome that is unique to that specific space.

The best commercial mats are ones that are multi-functional and really give us the most value for our investments. They actually don’t even require that much love or attention—they will go about each day diligently doing what they were designed to do no matter what.

To further convince you that door mats are one of the most important aspects of any building, we are going to run through five ways to use door mats.

  1.       Mats create the ultimate welcome space

There is honestly nothing worse than arriving somewhere and feeling like you are not wanted there.  Door mats have the unique ability to be personalized and really make a positive statement for the space. Don’t leave your guests feeling unwelcomed or unwanted. Use a door mat as the first greeting and make them feel excited about having arrived.

  1.       Mats protect your floors

In a close second to not being made to feel welcome is having people ruin your beautiful floors! Shoes carry a ton of dirt and moisture that can easily be tracked into the house. Door mats form a protective force for your floors as they capture quite a bit of the bad stuff before people even walk inside. So whether the interior of your home is made of wood, carpet, tile, or concrete, a door mat will keep your floors protected and looking pristine.

  1.       Mats keep people safe

Believe it or not, door mats do a lot to protect the people who walk through your doors. Imagine you have people running to seek shelter during a rainy day and they are quickly trying to get inside. A door mat is able to retain quite a bit of their moisture from the shoes before they entire inside, preventing them from slipping from excess water everywhere.

  1.       Mats keep cleaning bills low

In a similar way to how door mats protect your floors, they equally keep your cleaning bills low. This is great, especially for businesses, as there will be significantly less to clean thanks to the hard work of your door mat! They are able to capture heaps of water, dirt, and other debris and are very easy to clean themselves. Door mats let you save time and money with cleaners.

  1.       Mats are a great promotional item

Whether your mat says “home” or has your company logo proudly printed on it, door mats act as great promotional collateral in really driving home any message you want guests to know. You have the freedom to personalize your door mat too, so take the time to really make it send the right message that you want people to know.

How cool is it that your standard door mat actually has so many different uses! Goodbye to the days where door mats are an afterthought to too many people. By being able to create a lovely welcome space, promote your brand, keep people safe, and protect the interior of your building, there really are endless benefits to investing in a door mat.

But mainly, the simple gesture of having a door mat that serves so many purposes really shows people how much you care. The thoughtful gesture is very inexpensive and the level of warmth and respect it will generate for you really is priceless.

Have fun finding the perfect door mat for your space and enjoy the endless uses that it will provide you with.