Twenty years ago, the phrase “neon signs for the home” might be puzzling, since neon light signs were considered an attribute of exclusively commercial use, today the situation is changing rapidly. More and more exciting and beautiful elements, whose task is to give individuality to the interior, are moving from a “commercial” service to a “decorative elements” for the home and are available to each of us in the development of our solutions for space—the interior of an apartment or a country house.

This type of setting, so striking and spectacular, has come to the bridal decoration to translate thoughts of love into the light. Since the engagement ring is delivered, many couples know that this is how they want to announce their marriage: with lots of light! If you are fans of this type of lighting and want neon letters to decorate your wedding candy table or any other space, keep reading!

If someone asks them about neon-lit lettering, they will likely immediately remember an illuminated advertisement at the theatre, concert, or show. It may even be that your mind brings you the image of a coffee shop with a vintage spirit and its classic “open” sign. But do you know what exactly they are or how the effect of these signs is achieved? Do not lose detail, because here we tell you.


What are the neon lights?

When you look closely at these types of signs, you will realize that they are made of tubes. Neon gas passes through them, reacting with bright light when high voltage is applied to the electrodes. Afterward, the neon gas ionizes, and electrons flow through it. These electrons excite neon atoms and emit light visible to the human eye.

The colors are achieved thanks to the combination with other gases. For example, helium emits yellow light; mercury produces a blue hue, and carbon dioxide a white light. Interesting, right?


A little history

Although neon lights are used today to create environments in which short thoughts of love are lit, this lighting did not always have a romantic tone.

Neon lights began to be used in 1910 thanks to their inventor George Claude, a French engineer. In the 1920s it was common to see them on the signs of glamorous lounges, and by the 1960s their use in presence and status declined a bit since they were hallmarks of motels passing by on lonely roads.

Currently, its use has acquired another tone, one with vintage aesthetic neon. For some time now, these signs are also appreciated in wedding celebrations, have you seen them? They look beautiful and create a magical atmosphere.


Decoration Ideas

The decoration is a trend and the incorporation of letters and phrases with neon lights could not be left out. The following ideas will help you land where and when you want them to turn on. For obvious reasons, the idea is to wear them at night, although there are times in the day when they also look great.



Civil ceremonies tend to have less production than the rest of the celebration, even if it is on a different day, the wedding dress for a civil wedding is simpler. Giving a touch of light to the space in which they will provide the “yes, I do” will make a difference. If the place is closed or the event is nocturnal, a sign in the place where the ceremony will be held or at the end of the hall will enchant everyone.

Add neon signs at the end of the path to the altar. If you decide to do it somewhere closed, and at night, it will give you all the lighting you need. You can complement it with candles of different sizes. It will be a very romantic ceremony.


Wedding table

Let everyone turns to see your table! Post a sign over the space that is specially designated for you. They can be their names, a funny sentence or a romantic phrase, such as “always together”, “until death does us part” or whatever identifies them.



The guests will feel welcomed with a welcome full of light in which the initials of the bride and groom stand out or some classic sign full of love. So much so that they will not be able to avoid taking some pictures to show off their elegant evening dresses in a unique environment.


Photo booth

Choose the perfect spot to mount a lighting set, flowers and plants. Once you have your favorite phrase, arrange all the elements around to your liking. Guests will love hanging out and taking lots of photos. It will be a success, and they will be able to keep the memory forever.



Identify food stations and bars in the best way: with light! red neon aesthetic signs will be seen from afar and will look amazing. Consider everything from the drink bar to the wedding fondant cake table. They can keep them off until the launch of the natural bridal bouquet and then turn on this lighting to make way for the funniest moment of the night.

Integrate the phrase they like the most into the drink bar. Also, you can ask them to make a sign with your initials or names. It will be a very original idea.



Neon light signs in the kitchen? What a brilliant idea! In fact, why not favour the glamorous mode when we cook or when we eat?

Neon lighting in the kitchen can be an original decoration. The aesthetic neon sign is more than an original decoration. It is fun, and therefore it has been very popular for decades.

There was, in fact, a time when great multi-colored neon signs illuminated every city in the world. These signs dazzled and became a defining feature of the era. Now is the time to bring these somewhat forgotten neon signs into your kitchen!


Where to get them?

VERVE HOUSE is providers that will surely be able to offer you the best neon sign options for your celebration are those in charge of wedding decorations, as well as those responsible for wedding entertainment.

All kinds of lights create defined environments. Let these neon signs provoke the funniest photos in your guests by striking original poses in their party dresses and elegant suits. Say goodbye to them with a wedding keepsake that is announced with these kinds of letters on. It will be a great surprise!