The vaping sub-culture has grown a lot during this decade. The fact that marijuana is being legalized in a lot of parts of the world has also played a part in the whole increase in popularity. A lot of brands made their products to feel like a part of culture or something which has to be used to be cool in the eyes of social media rather than products which are to be used as cigarette replacement. This led to a more and more teenagers and young adults starting to vape and increased the demand and innovation in the industry. But still a lot of people don’t know what vapes are and how do they work. although you can order or get vapes from online vape shop like directvapes pretty easily, it is still important to know the basics of how the product works.



A vape or also known as a vaporizer is a machine which is designed to let the user inhale vapors of herbs or oils or liquids without burning them. The vape consists of an atomizer which heats up to the exact temperature at which the substance or the liquids vaporize. There are different vapes built for different purposes such as vaping dry herbs or liquids with nicotine, in some vapes you cannot liquids which use liquids with nicotine. Some vapes only work for oils and some only work for waxes. A lot of vapes are portable while some of them are so big that you cannot carry them with you. In some vapes you can set temperature and smoke flow while in some you cannot change anything other than the flavors.


The materials which can be vaped are in a lot of different categories, but all of these can be clubbed into two major and broad categories, dry ingredients and wet ingredients. The former includes herbs, oils and wax concentrates. These ingredients cannot be used in any vape that you can buy from a corner shop. There are special herb vaporizers which are to be used in these kinds of vapes. These are used for both recreational and medical purposes wherever possible. The latter on the other hand include e-liquids and vape juices and can be found in a variety of flavors. These are used in e-liquid vapes. The vapes for using wet ingredients are cheaper when it comes to cost as compared to dry ingredients. The liquids which are used are a lot of times trademarked or patented to the manufacturers and formula for chemicals vary a lot between different companies. A lot of these liquids can be bought from websites like direct vape.



These types of vapes are very different to what you think or know about vapes. As the name suggests these are not very portable and a lot of times have to be plugged into an electrical socket. These types of vapes are used a lot of times for dry herbs because of their complicated burning mechanisms and the exact temperatures that the herbs need.


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