The use of custom coils for miniature devices

The use of custom coils for miniature devices

A custom coil denotes an electrical conductor that produces magnetic products, transformers, and other electrical or electronic products where electric and magnetic fields interact with each other. Manufacturing miniature custom coils go through an intricate process and requires advanced technological knowledge. For that reason, very few manufacturers actually produce miniature custom coils.

The primary reason for the success of such manufacturers is that they rely on customer satisfaction. They make commitments to deliver the ordered products in time while maintaining optimum quality standard. The process of manufacturing custom coil includes winding of the coils, termination of coil winding using lead wires, pins, pads, or other terminals, core assemblage inside the coils, testing and baking of all parts required followed by encapsulation and labelling.

Factors related to a successful business

The success of a custom coil manufacturer depends on certain factors and those are as follows –

  • The involvement time span of a company in a particular business. The longer the company is involved in the production of the coil the more knowledge and experience it has.
  • The quantity of production.
  • The quality of production.
  • Design and types of coils used in making miniature devices like medical sensors.
  • Engineers and workers with good knowledge in micro-coil winding.
  • The capability of delivering products within deadlines maintaining all quality parameters.

Uses of custom coils

Custom coils have a wide variety of uses and some of its applications can be cited as follows:

  • They transfer, control, and monitor data in miniature devices.
  • They radiate energy that helps in the use of electromagnetic energy in medical treatment (one good example is cryo-cancer treatment).
  • They act as sensors in medical devices that detect blood pressure, the glucose level in blood, heartbeat, and the amount of blood in a patient’s body.
  • They create a magnetic field that helps in sensor navigation.

Final thought

Therefore, from the above discussion, it follows that the custom coil manufacturers follow strict standards throughout the manufacturing process to achieve their goals and to establish themselves globally. Besides, custom made miniature coils also come with high flexibility which further enhances its usefulness in the medical industry. As per the opinion of industry experts, the use of miniature coils will increase in the future and it can bring revolutionary changes in its field of application.