Five Ways to Thrive at University

Whether you’re a first-year excited to embark on your own journey or a fourth-year itching to graduate, there are many ways that you can improve your grades. Things such as essay writing services and social clubs will enable you to thrive, not just survive, in university.

  1. Making Friends

The connections you make in university will last a lifetime. They could be close friends or future business connections. The studious girl who sits next to you in Economics could be a future Prime Minister. The young man who works the information desk at your dormitory could be your future partner.

The easiest way to make connections is to put yourself out there and treat everyone you encounter with kindness. Join a campus club, attend trivia night at the tavern down the street, and join study groups.

  1. Gaining Job Experience

Even if your major is undecided or very general, you need to begin building your resume for your dream job. You could work full-time or part-time. Unpaid internships won’t pad your pockets but they will help you gain relevant experience in your desired field. Look out for job listings on campus. These positions will give you the flexibility of following your university calendar.

  1. Keeping Your Grades on Track

It can be extremely difficult to balance the stress of moving away from home and beginning university. It’s a lot for first-years to take on. Many students tend to be lax with their studies during this crucial time. You may be tempted to do so as well, but neglecting your grades the first year could result in outright failure or having to work extremely hard over the next few years to compensate for the bad grades.

Track your course averages routinely and don’t be afraid to seek help when you need it. If there is a concept you simply cannot grasp or know well but do not have the time to complete the coursework, enlist the help of essay writing services. You may want to consider joining a study group or asking the instructor if there are extra-credit assignments available.

  1. Not Neglecting Your Health

As you grow into your new life at university, you may find that your old routine has suddenly vanished. While this can be great for breaking bad habits, it’s easy to let go of the habits that support our health as well. Fast food options are tempting and perfect for a student on the go but don’t make trips to McD’s an everyday habit. Exercise is also crucial to survive in university. Public transit can get you most places that you want to go but you will have to walk a bit on campus. Staying active is also shown to alleviate anxiety.

  1. Knowing That This Is Your Home Now

Being homesick is a universal feeling amongst first-years. Do not let your longing for your hometown get in the way of your education. Speak up to your friends and other students. They’re probably feeling the same way as you. Think of ways that you can make your new accommodations feel like the home you’ve loved for so long. Making your favourite meal, wearing your favourite sweater, and calling home are all ways that you can quell your homesickness.