The Ideal Firmness Level for Side Sleepers

side sleepers

For a human being sleep is very mandatory. To facilitate for a sound and comfortable sleep mattress acts as a central part. So it is mandatory to choose the best mattress according to each of one of preferences and comfort. The quality of a mattress depends on its firmness. Few mattresses might be hard whereas few will be of soft. This article discusses about different types of firmness level of mattress and various categories of mattress according to sleeping position. 

Choosing Mattress by Firmness level

The term firmness indicates the level of comfortness a mattress offers us. Few mattresses’ firmness will be such that you will feel like sleeping in the rock whereas the other kind mattress’s firmness level will be like floating in air. The firmness of a mattress is completely dependent on people as few people wish extreme firmness and few people wish for cozy mattress. The level of firmness varies from 1-10. The following section indicate you the firmness level for each scale:

Level 1: Extremely soft with lots of sinks that you will feel like floating in cloud. But this level of mattress is very rare as most people does not prefer for this extreme softness.

Level 2-3: This type of mattress is soft and has specific sink. 

Level 4-6: The firmness of this mattress is medium, and this type of firmness is widely preferred one by all. It has limited sink only. 

Level 7-9: The firmness of the mattress is very hard, with little softness and very limited sinks.

Level 10: This is the hardest mattress with not even a light softness, so no sinks and this type is very rarely preferred by people.

Choosing mattress by sleeping position

People sleep in different positions namely side sleeping, back sleeping, tummy sleeping and all sleeping position styles. For Side slippers, the mattress with soft to medium firmness level will be appropriate as they stimulate pressure although the side portions of the body especially shoulders and side hip.  For back sleepers the firmness level should be medium to hard, as their spine is getting pressurized in this position of sleeping. For tummy sleepers medium, hard and very hard mattress will be suitable, as their stomach organs remains in its favorable position with hard surface. For all position sleepers, the mattress firmness level should be medium, as this is suitable for all types of sleeping positions. 

Let us discuss about various kinds and models of mattresses for side sleepers with back pain in the following sections. 

Excellent Mattresses for side sleeping positions

Tuft and Needle Mattress

This type of mattresses are designed with T and N Adaptive form, which gives us a cozy feel, but at the same time it is supportive also. This type of mattresses is suitable for all sleeping positions. This mattress is constructed by using graphite and gel and hence the mattress remains cool. The mattress is being certified by Standard 100, CertiPUR-US, OEKO-TEX and GreenGuard Gold. 

The mattress comes in various sizes namely, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. They are suitable for all bed frame types like box type, floor and it is easily adjustable also. These mattresses are intended for people with back pain and offers good customer service.

Lenin Spa Hybrid mattress

Thus type of mattress is made up of 8-inch memory firm with medium firmness. This is suitable for all sleeping positions an especially relieves pain in knees, joints and spines. As it has the temper steel coils, it prevents cozy feel and offers extreme support to the entire body. This mattress comes in all sizes and can be fit in any frame or even you can put it in the floor.

Lucid Plush Mattress

The mattress is 16-inch memory foam mattress with 4 layers of plush. This softest mattress and comes with supportive sinks, which relieves you from lower back pain. It offers full support to the spinal cord. This type of mattress is intended for side sleeping and back sleeping positions. This mattress fits in box framed beds, floors and slatted base.

Live and Sleep resort mattress

This mattress is a king sized one, which can support weights up to 300 pounds. This mattress is intended for relieving pains while tossing and turning from sleeps. This is the most luxurious mattress that comes in all sizes offering you highest comfort level and it is very much suitable for platforms and floors. 

Thus this article has provided us an insight on various types’ mattresses available for side sleeper and the firmness level of various mattresses.