How to Choose the Perfect Mini Flat Iron For Your Next Travel Trip?

mini flat iron

The travel flat irons are hair straightening accessory which occupies less space in your bag or hand-luggage. These are light weight and can be easily carried where ever you want and enjoy your trip with straightened hair for both official trips or unofficial trips. The travel flat ions are ionic in nature. Due to this property, it will ensure you of a straightened hair without any hair splits or hair damage. These ions are negative in nature, thus making your silky and shiny. These ions in the travel flat iron save your hair from extreme heat and cold climate.

What is a mini flat iron?

These mini flat irons are intended for straightening of delicate hair parts and are suitable for people with short and medium hair length. These mini-flat irons are much compact than regular travel flat iron, and hence can be taken in any kind of bags or handbags or even quite big purses. They come in various attractive colors which is the most attracting feature of this best mini flat iron. These mini flat irons are same like regular flat irons, but it is smoother than the regular ones, which leaves moisture to your hair, making your hair smooth and shiny. 

Attracting features of mini flat iron

Nowadays most of the women use mini flat irons for the following two reasons. They are:

  • Compact and easy for travel
  • These mini flat irons help in straightening of small hairs in the forehead, at the ear side and small hairs near the starting of neck portion. Also it suits for small and medium hair, which is prevalent everywhere.

Key features of a perfect mini flat iron

For buying a perfect mini flat iron certain features has to be considered, which will make your travel easy. The following section discusses about those key features. They are:

  1. Voltage

Always but a mini flat iron which has dual voltage facility as you do not have to carry a voltage converter wherever you go. If you are a person, travelling for different countries, it is a best choice to buy a dual voltage type.

  1. Plate size

As these mini flat irons are travel friendly and occupies very less space, these mini travel irons comes with less plate size less than 1 inch. So that it will take extra 5 minutes to straighten your hair than the regular one.

  1. Weight and length

A mini travel iron must have less weight less than 1 pound and small in length less than 10 inches. If you want a perfect travel, then buying the prescribed weight and length will make your travel simple.

  1. Plate material

Depending upon the hair type, you need to buy the mini travel iron. For thin and fragile hair types its best to choose travel iron plate made up of Ceramic and Tourmaline. For thick hair type choose the plate made up of Titanium, Nano Titanium and Titanium Tourmaline. 

  1. Technology

Buy a mini flat iron that has ionic technology and optional Infrared emission technology.

List of few best mini travel iron

Babylisspro Nano Titanium

This is one of the best and gentle hairs straightening gadget, which penetrates deep inside the hair the infra-red emissions. This model has outstanding conductor of heat and even in extremely high temperatures maintains stability. You can choose different temperature ranges:

  • For very thin hair → 150 degree Celsius
  • For thin hair 170 degree Celsius
  • For normal hair → 190 degree Celsius
  • Curly hair 210 degree Celsius
  • Extremely thick hair → 230 degree Celsius

Rusk RSK732 Str8

This model of hair straightening is suitable for hairs which are rough in nature. The Str8 iron technology makes the rough hair into smooth and shining. The plates of this iron plates are titanium induced and it has a ceramic heater. The only thing you need to consider in this model is to keep the plates closer to the roots for improved and better results. 

Karmin 3G saloon

This model is most widely used among ladies as it allows all kind of hair styles like curling, straightening, flipping or hair buns. This model is suitable for all hair types, as you can set the temperature ad desired degrees.


This article provided us a deeper insight on the factors you need to consider before buying a mini flat iron and various types of flat irons for all hair types.