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The more difficulties you face , the more stronger you will be and the more sweeter the success will taste . This goes so well with India’s Most famous DJ , Anchor and Motivational Speaker of India , Dr. Khushboo Kapoor

With the struggles she came across by choosing an unconventional career , by living through it entirely on her own made her super strong says Khushboo.

Dr Khushboo Kapoor’s parents got separated when she was in school and studying in 8th standard . Her childhood was not good as it was supposed to be.

Back into the times when she took birth in a rich and affluent family but it did not prove the same as it was meant to be . Her father used to drink a lot and used to be very violent with her mother Mrs Asha Kapoor. As a little child , She

had to see her mother being beaten by her father every single day for no reason . In those days, She wanted to fight back and wanted to save her mother from all the violence but couldn’t do anything as she was a little child of 3-4 years.

From the childhood to her early teenage , Dr Khushboo Kapoor suffered a lot but there was a light of hope that everything would be fine someday , God will listen to her prayers .

To save Dr Khushboo Kapoor’s from all the trauma , her mother Mrs Asha Kapoor decided to move from Delhi to Jaipur to her maternal home on the request of her parents Late Shri Brajlal Bhutani and Smt Santosh Bhutani In Jaipur , Dr Khushboo Kapoor took admission in SJ public School and a new chapter of Hopes begun in her life . She was determined to do something

different in life which would give her enough confidence to live life happily and which would give her a definitive purpose to life .
With the initiation of her studies of 9th class she started finding freelancing jobs for herself . Her interest was always in mass media including TV , Radio and Stage . Her first advertisement got released on TV when she was just 12 years old . She won her first title as a model for her Best Ramp walk while she was 13 and Miss North India in 14.
After her stint in modelling during her initial teen years, she took TV anchoring and Radio Jockeying and then moved to Stage Emceeing as an Emcee and later Djing .

When we asked her about her favourite skills she enjoys the most, Djing and Acting , Khushboo answered .

Dr Khushboo Kapoor believes that she is made for acting and She equally enjoys Djing and anchoring . Her love for stage is something which can’t be
defined in words . She worships her profession like anything and she is thankful to the event and media industry for being so appreciative of her talent always

Today , DJ and Emcee Khushboo Kapoor is the most sought after Female DJ of India and she is the winner of Asia’s Best Female DJ and Anchor award .
We wish Khushboo Kapoor all the very best for her forthcoming events and ventures . Do follow her travel stories on Instagram and Facebook , she travels a lot ! We will publish about her travel adventures in our next editorial .
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