September 12 will see the onset of Premier League in closed-door

Liverpool became champions of England this season and will be on a break for seven weeks starting July 26.

The Premier League for season 2024 and 2024 will commence from 12 September with final matches being played on May 23. This break will help the top teams to rest, recoup, and come prepared for the next game. Almost all teams will be getting this break except Manchester City, United, Chelsea, Wolves who could just get a break of three weeks that is if they reach finals in Europe.

On August 23rd The Champions League final will be played at Lisbon. European League final will be played two days earlier in Cologne. A statement on the association’s official website read: “Premier League Shareholders today agreed to start the 2024-21 Premier League season on 12 September 2024.

“The final match round of the campaign will take place on 23 May 2024.

“The Premier League will continue to consult The FA and EFL regarding the scheduling of all domestic competitions.”

September 12 will see the onset of Premier League in closed-door


The sport like any other thing in this world has seen a lock downstate for three months starting March due to the pandemic situation created across the globe. This led to game schedules going hay wired. As nothing was spared from disruption, English game was no exception to this, with season played to finish from June 17.

Many games were completed in a haste trying to reduce its effect on the future games of the season 2024 and 2024. With all this planning and efforts, Premier League season of 2024 – 2024 will be squeezed further to accommodate more games like the European Championship which will be played in the summer of 2024.

The much-discussed and talked about ‘five substitute rule’ which was brought in the game might be carried over from 2019-2020. With no supporters in the stadium, the game misses the feel. Teams are being optimistic in thinking that they will soon be playing in front of supporters. A ray of hope was seen when the British government suggested that there is a possibility of fans watching the game live from October onwards.

The current England champion Liverpool will be trying to defend their title in the Premier League while still playing closed doors. We will see Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham, and Arsenal trying to stop Liverpool advancement in the game and chasing the Reds down.

European League will be a different game as we have news about Leeds United and West Brom who are preparing themselves for a big return.

Let’s see what is in store for fans and for the sport. All of us want the game to be watched by live supporters with all energy and enthusiasm. Hope this pandemic soon gets over and makes our wish.