15 Packing Tips For Your Next Paris Trip In The Age of COVID-19

COVID-19 has hit the travel industry devilishly. This Coronavirus pandemic threw the world a curveball and fostered a real reckoning. Post that, the only question “When will travel recover?” is slowly modified into “How will travel recover?” Along with what alterations and additions can be made to reimagine the way we move around the world? What is the safest mode of travel during COVID-19? According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the most reliable manner of traveling is solo driving and walking! While walking will not take you to far off places, however driving can. We can say road trips can be anticipated as the most popular ways of travel after lockdown, other virtual tours, and camping. Yet these trips are also going to be a bit different from what they used to be before. 

And you need to take extra precautions, care, and regularly adhere to the notion of social distancing to assure that you don’t get infected by the COVID-19 disease!

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So now, for that, you must make a list of critical packing items in advance before starting your post-lockdown trip to Paris. It includes:

Must take extra Face Masks, Hand Sanitizers, and Gloves:

The first and foremost thing you should keep in mind is that you must wear a mask while starting your trip and always keep some extra pieces inside your bag. As if you’re on a long road trip, you might not get that time to wash your masks. During those times, the additional masks will come to serve as an extra aid. Also, do carry some extra hand sanitizer bottles and try to take the alcohol-based ones, since they are more reliable and kill more germs! Apart from that, take disposable gloves, as it won’t always be practically possible to stay away and avoid touching surfaces.

Full Sleeve Tees And Trousers:

Full-length trousers sound to be a weird suggestion when we are talking about travel and trips. But then, it comes to the point of safety, which is more important than a style these days. It is a great idea to keep your body parts covered to conquer the risks of virus spread. 

And by chance, if you’re putting up at a hotel in the mid-way of your trip, wash your clothes you’d been wearing and get them dried, if possible! And if that is not possible, do carry a small bag inside your big backpack, where you can store the unwashed clothes separately!

Car Emergency Kit:

In case you are on an empty highway, and your car might face any uncertain emergency breakdown, store certain things handy with you so that you can fix it by yourself. The emergency kit necessarily includes the fundamental tools, car jack, puncture repair kit, jumper cables, an LED torch, and fuses, etc. among other essentials. You can also find such packages readily available online.

A Multi-Port Power Bank:

While on a trip, you really can’t let go of your batteries. And an uncharged phone can turn out to be an irking issue while on a road trip. As then, you won’t be able to call anyone or track any location. Neither you will be able to play the song of your choice on your phone using aux cable/BlueTooth (if you don’t have a music system in your car). It will be an excellent idea if you carry a multi-port power bank that will occur to rescue.

A Portable Music Player:

An excellent quality portable music player will be your savior instead of talking during your trip. Playing music through your phones always may not be possible because you might need your phone to make calls or for location tracking. And that is going to be irritating to play music with your phones. Instead, taking a portable sound system will be good to go option while on the trip.

Take First-Aid Kit With A Thermometer:

Do carry a first-aid kit with certain necessary medicines, band-aids, crepe bandages, sprain-relief gels, anti-allergens, etc. Also, put scissors, safety pins, etc. inside your medical kit. Besides this, there must be some insect repellants and pain relief solutions too. Last but not least, you must put a thermometer to observe your temperature in case you feel uncomfortable and agitated.

Dry Snacks while traveling:

Store some packets of biscuits, cakes, chips, and other dry food items to satiate your hunger if you aren’t able to find an appropriate restaurant or hotel on the way. Take some bottles of energy-boosting drinks and juices with you. Carry a plate, glass, and a cup too for convenience when you’re buying food on the way. And yes, do steer clear of hard drinks.

A Neck Pillow, Cushion, and Bedsheet:

A soft neck pillow will come up with support to your neck and body. Even it can help you feel a bit relaxed even after long hours of driving! And if you at some point feel like taking a halt for a short nap, the cushion and the bedsheet will come to help.

Windproof Travel Umbrella:

It rains a lot in Paris, approximately 15 days per month every month and often without warning. Having a compact and high-quality umbrella is a must-have for keeping dry in this gorgeous beautiful city. 

Water bottle with built-in filtration:

Most water in Paris is portable, i.e., unpolluted and fresh. Yet it’s best to carry water with you rather than spending money on it. Having the built-in filter will give you reliance and peace of mind if you have to get water from a less trustworthy source.

Liquid Soap, Towel, And Shower Cap:

Being reliable mostly on your things is best during this coronavirus pandemic of COVID-19. Using your personal towel, even if you’re checking-in at a luxury resort with all the amenities, is the best thing to do. Also, keep a liquid soap that can solve the dual purposes of bathing and cleaning! 

Once travel bans are revoked, pull out your travel bags, gather all these essential things together, and flee away!