Strongest Marijuana Strains for Productivity

Are you a marijuana user? Have you tried using marijuana for stress management or other reasons? If yes, then you already know how beneficial it can be. Marijuana has been known to improve focus and concentration, relieve muscle tension, boost mood, increase appetite, etc. There is no doubt that cannabis is an invaluable tool for improving overall mental health and performance.

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug derived from the cannabis plant. The active ingredient is called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). While some studies suggest that regular use of marijuana does not appear to affect cognitive function, other research indicates that frequent use of marijuana impairs memory and learning skills.

But what marijuana is best known for is the productivity it provides. If you are wondering which are the strongest types that give maximum productivity, they are the following:

White Widow

White widow is a Sativa dominant strain commonly associated with heavy psychoactive effects. White widows have high THC levels ranging between 20-30% and contain low amounts of CBD. White widows are known for their strong euphoric effects and are ideal for those looking for a quick hit without much body relaxation. White widows are well suited for medicinal purposes due to their fast-acting effects. Although it is one of the best, many say that nothing can beat the Zoap strain which is an amazing hybrid made by crossing Rainbow Sherbet and Pink Guava.

Amsterdam Treat

Amsterdam Treat is probably the most well-known strain of medical marijuana in the Netherlands. This is because it has been legalized throughout this country since 1976. It was originally bred back in the 1960s by Dutch scientists and was later released into the public domain. After it gained popularity, it was officially renamed Amsterdam Treat. It is still referred to by its original name, however. It tastes delicious and smells fresh and citrusy. It is highly sought after because of its medicinal qualities. Users rave about its pain-relieving properties and mood-elevating abilities. When smoked, it leaves users feeling more relaxed and calm but more productive than ever.

Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian haze is a hybrid cross of the Northern Lights 1 and Blueberry strains. These two parents produce a combination of Sativa and Indica genetics resulting in a unique genetic profile. Maui wowie is known for its sweet piney scent and fruity flavor. It contains high THC levels varying between 15 – 25%. The THC content makes it perfect for both medical and recreational use. Maui wowie provides a relaxing feeling while maintaining focus.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a feminized version of the original Haze strain. It is a cross between Northern Lights 5 and Super Skunk. What this means is that the plants look exactly like those two strains combined. However, Super Silver Haze produces much higher quantities of cannabinoids than the average Haze strain. Furthermore, its effects are quite powerful. It is known for providing users with a euphoric high that stimulates creativity and helps users to lose inhibitions. People who smoke Super Silver Haze report having feelings of happiness, relaxation, and peace. Many consider it to be an excellent pick for medical use.

If you haven’t had the chance to try some of these hybrids before, maybe now is the right time to do so and feel the change they can cause.