What Is a Cybersecurity Solution?

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Uber, a national ride-sharing company, experienced a major attack in September 2022.  The hacker sent a nefarious email announcing his intentions and possible points of entry into their systems. This caused a company-wide shutdown and investigation. Thankfully, after reporting it to law enforcement, they were able to secure their networks.

In a recent report, Verizon noted that 61% of SMBs experienced a cyberattack during the last year. Uber is just one instance. The statistics speak for themselves. Cybercrimes are more frequent and sophisticated. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are no less prone to these attacks than large enterprises. That’s why cybersecurity solutions are a must. The best solution is to have the right information.

Types of Cybersecurity Threats

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Phishing is when an attacker sends a warning, usually via text or email, indicating a problem or potential problem with your account. They look legitimate and are meant to concern the recipient, prompting them to click on a link while providing passwords or other account information. They might also ask to log into their devices virtually, creating a host of serious issues for the consumer.

Ransomware is used when a cybercriminal gains access to business systems and encrypts it, thus limiting access to its own networks.  They then offer to decrypt the network, allowing access to their own networks again, but only if a ransom is paid.

Malware is malicious software that is installed on a system, often without the knowledge of the network’s owner. It is meant to compromise data, which is problematic for those companies that store sensitive customer data.

Cybersecurity Problems and Solutions

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Human Error is a major problem in the cybersecurity field. Humans are likely to click the inks or enter the needed information to alleviate the perception of real concern. They can also be careless with important login information, providing access to others either inadvertently or on purpose.

Education is a key factor in reducing the impact of human error. Additionally, there are a number of filtering mechanisms and other tools that can help alleviate the effects of phishing.

Another human problem is the “insider”, working within a company and with malicious intent regarding the firm’s data. Rigorous access protocols and encryption, use of VPNs, and implementation of added solutions will help prevent the insider from gaining inappropriate access.

Cybersecurity experts recommend a host of sophisticated anti-phishing and anti-malware programs prevent and minimize attacks. Secure firewalls also help prevent your business from getting burned by external threats. It is also vital to keep solutions up to date, as criminals are constantly searching for new ways to infiltrate systems.

Cloud storage is more likely to experience data breaches. In addition, allowing staff to download applications to your network devices can present another potential weak spot.  Not all cloud storage or applications are created equally, and some do not have the security needed for your information. Thus, it is vital that a company has all the proper security protocols and processes in place to ensure its storage is locked down and inaccessible to cyber threats.

How can you maximize your security and reduce your risks?

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If your business has an in-house IT department, ensuring they are current on the types of risks and having all the needed security solutions in place is a good start. Having a team of baltimore cybersecurity company experts to help you manage these risks, providing the necessary equipment and processes in place to ensure your company is well-protected is another way to safeguard your business.

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