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THE EMAIL HOSTING is a dynamically developing company since 2007. We provide hosting, rental of dedicated servers and virtual servers (VPS) in the most reliable and secure data centers in UK (Derby), the Netherlands (Meppl) and the USA (New York). The company manages more than 2,000 servers in Derby Data Center DataPro, Serverius in the Netherlands and NY1 in New York

Location and rental of a dedicated server

Server rental is the choice of companies whose information systems and web applications need an around-the-clock uninterrupted operation, large computing resources and disk space for storing and backing up information.

Dedicated server (best dedicated server hosting uk) for hosting projects that require a large amount of traffic, processor power, and disk space. THE EMAIL HOSTING offers for rent hosting dedicated servers on super micro platforms in Derby, the Netherlands and the USA for any tasks.

A leased dedicated server does not become obsolete and does not need a long repair: you always get a replacement upon request within a working day by your colocation hosting provider.

Our qualified specialists provide round-the-clock technical support of dedicated servers by phone and mail. All the cares about ensuring the operability of the leased server are undertaken by our employees.

Order a dedicated server rental service.

The colocation service is convenient for customers who own server equipment and want to place it in a commercial server colocation. We provide server hosting in reliable Tier3-level data centers in UK, Derby, and in Europe, Holland. (Derby ) and in Europe ( Holland ).

VPS hosting

If the resources of the dedicated server are excessive for the project, use the virtual dedicated server (VPS). Choose the necessary configuration and the virtual server (VPS) will be ready for a few minutes to a day after payment.

Rent a dedicated server

What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated server (dedicated server) – a hosting service in which the client places the projects on a separate physical server and uses its resources independently. This is a safe site with high performance and no-load limits.

The main advantages of dedicated servers are the installation of any software, the deployment of large databases, the deployment of sites and portals. Depending on the needs of the business, you can buy a physical server with a ready-made or non-standard configuration. If the site does not have a server with suitable parameters, contact us to find the best solution.

For small projects, we suggest using a virtual VPS / VDS server.

Server rental terms

Server rental in Time web is reliable storage of information in modern data processing centers of St. Petersburg. Our colocation uk are equipped following the international standard of the TIER III level and with the safety requirements of banks, payment systems, e-commerce enterprises.

The cost of renting a dedicated server in UK includes hardware, a network connection of 100 Mbps, allocation of IPv4 / IPv6 addresses, a system for remote control, technical support 24/7.

The prices of dedicated servers depend on the performance of the processor, RAM, disk system. In Time web you can buy a dedicated server (dedicated server) starting from 8 900 rubles.

Server administration

After the purchase, the server is provided to the client without software with access to the remote server management interface (IPMI) and with data for network configuration. The software installation, support for its performance, data transfer to the client must be done independently.

Time web provides the administration of dedicated servers as an additional service for leasing a physical server. Maintenance includes equipment maintenance, monitoring of stable routing, and installation of the operating system, data backup, cheap email hosting and much more.

When ordering the administration, the client gets the opportunity to use the test server for 5 days.