Benefits of installing a silent alarm button

Conveniently enough you have chosen to install a burglar alarm at your house, the decision in itself is great. Alarms are the ideal solutions to protect yourself physically from the harms of the intruders and also scaring them off especially when they try to get in and alarm blares off. Having a burglary alarm will not only steer off these trespassers and burglars but is also a great way to get rid of the stalkers too. But have you ever been in a situation that an intruder got access to your indoors and you wanted help so desperately but couldn’t call the police or alert the authorities? If so then you have come to the right place as the silent alarm button allows you to do just that.

What are silent alarms?

Silent alarms are different than the bell alarms on the basis of the style of alert they create. For instance, a bell alarm will simply blare off as soon as a window is shattered or a door in your house gets kicked in but the silent alarm doesn’t go off. In case of a hostage situation, an alarm going off means that the culprit might try to escalate the situation by acting violently, what if the alarm never got off and still the authorities got alerted about the situation developing at your house? This is where the silent alarm comes into play.

The situation will remain deescalated until the police arrive and neutralize it. The silent alarm can only be triggered with the help of pushing the panic button that is mounted near the original alarm system. OR when asked by the burglar to enter the access code for disabling the alarm system a duress code could be entered to trigger the silent alarm while making the intruder believe that the alarm system was successfully disabled.

Advantages of the silent alarm button

Suppose if there is a false alarm in the middle of the night then all of them will be greatly disturbed and sleep-deprived because of the sound the blaring alarm will produce. But with the silent alarm system, it isn’t much of a problem, because false or true the sound will never go off. So, they will not get disturbed that is for sure. But you will still receive an alert about what is going on at your place in order to keep you informed and within the loop. Also, another great benefit of the silent alarm systems is that they will not create any sound so the intruder won’t try to run or do you any harm.

But the authorities will already be notified and the police would have a more promising chance of catching the culprit going at it or in the act then chasing them off when they are running scared at the sound of the alarm going off. If you have a smart home already then you are way better with the silent alarm system then settling for the bell alarm system.