Why You Should Stop Using Linktree


What is LinkTree?


Since links to Instagram posts are not clickable, many entrepreneurs prefer to use LinkTree to add post links to their blogs as well.

When a link is clicked, a list of links is presented for a visitor to click on – such as recent blogs, service pages, lead magnetic landing pages, etc.

Linktree adds an extra step to your user journey


I always recommend social media marketing to support SEO. This is a great way to link back to your content and read it. It then sends a social signal to Google that your content is of high quality and value to your audience. Returning higher Google search results to your content.

Your branding gets lost along the way

Ingredients of image graphic design for any blog post to emphasize why there is a very limited scope of linktree branding in such a limited free edition; You are limited to a handful of colors and fonts. With the paid version, you don’t easily match it to your own brand.

This is problematic for your marketing

Branding is important in strengthening your values as a business owner and getting the right message to the customers of your dreams. This helps build this relationship with your potential customers and ensures that you are both united in terms of vision and goals.


Linktree makes it even harder for SEO to evaluate your Instagram marketing

One of the reasons social media is effective for SEO is that it lets you know which content resonates with your audience.

Determining which content your ideal customers want to see can be difficult. They may not know what they are looking for or what their problem really is!

Posting on social media and seeing which posts work best interactions, and sharing is a great way to understand your target audience and determine what they’re looking for.

When the link to your website content is clicked, you know how valuable the piece of content is to the promotion because it hits the right note with your visitors. And you know how to create more content around this topic.

Linktree only provides basic analytics data – how many clicks and total lifetime views on a link. It doesn’t tell you, inserted this alike linktree tool will give you full analytics. 

When a link was clicked – so you don’t see it match the Instagram posts published that day to see how well you’ve done this day.

When a visitor reaches Linktree, it goes out – an Instagram post may hit the real mark, but you don’t know how much traffic you lost when they reached Linktree instead of the expected blog post/content.

Even if you use Google Analytics to track your social media posts for SEO, LinkTree shows up as referral traffic, not social media as so, you still don’t know how much traffic has come from Instagram.

Is there a better SEO option than Linktree?

Yes, your own website!

If you really like the idea of linkage and how it works, why not create your own link page on your website?

You will keep your brand message intact and you will not send traffic to any third party instead of your own website.

You’ll be able to make it easier for your visitors to find the link they need at a glance:

Place blurbs next to each link so they can quickly find the one they are looking for

Divide the page into blog posts, top magnetic landing pages, etc.

Use pictures instead of text links – blog post graphic with meaning title

Although this option requires maintenance and some design skills, it is perfect for attracting that valuable Instagram traffic to your website.

And if it seems too much effort. Link to your website in Bio and don’t worry that the links in your post are not hyperlinks. Just copying and pasting from a phone right now is as easy as going to your bio, clicking on the linktree, and finding the right link in any way.