We are glad to present you with a talented guy known as Tomas Kuci , a professional record producer, actor, and songwriter based in Tirana ALBANIA. At an interview with him, Tomas says that is really a pleasure and honor for him to present all new artists and new talents to the community. While he absolutely loves his job, Tomas likes to think of himself as more than just a songwriter or record producer. Tomas promises a new song in collaboration with a well-known singer from Albania. He is working hard to be a positive role (record producer actor or songwriter) to the youth of today by promoting music activity, personal creativity, and building a legacy people will remember.

Tomas born in Brescia in January 1991. After finishing elementary school in Italy and move to Albania where he lives at the moment with his family, Tomas has been an inspiration for everyone in different directions. He also takes part in the football world and this experience makes him as professional as a football player too

Now he is a popular person knows as a professional record producer, songwriter, founder, and owner in the music world. Recently he created his label called Melodi working with big and new names of Albanian music. Tomas confirms that is preparing for a big project in music. We can just wish a lot of success to Tomas and all the best at his beautiful career as a record producer.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/tomas.kuci