72 marketing strategies for entrepreneurs

You have just entered the sector with your fresh ideas, you are about to enter or your entrepreneurial spirit has begun to whisper something to you and you have been cut off. Make sure you are on the right track. You have little courage, a little capital and a lot of entrepreneurship excitement. Now all you have to do is to fill your marketing bag with the right tools, which you must take with you on this new road.

Marketing is one of the first agendas for entrepreneurs who are about to step into the business world with their brand new ideas. Even if you have a good command of all the processes related to your business, today, especially with its strong digital aspect, marketing is a very wide field and it may start you a little startled about its usage. For this reason, we have listed 72 easy-to-implement strategies for you.

Here are the marketing titles and strategies for those who are preparing to start a business :

Marketing planning

  1. Make a marketing plan or update existing
  2. Do industry research
  3. Identify the group you will focus on
  4. Write an original sales manifest
  5. Separate your target audience (Niche or local?)
  6. Extend the range of product and service recommendations

Marketing tools

  • Update your business card
  • Make sure your business card is different and its design
  • Update your brochures, pay attention to their designs
  • Digitally design brochures for use on your website
  • Explore how a website is beautifully designed and targeted.
  • Produce creative marketing tools to distribute in events you attend

Human network

  1. Have a short result-oriented manifesto that you can always say
  2. Attend conferences
  3. Meet other small business owners
  4. Plan local workshops
  5. Get to know your industry and the managers around you
  6. Attend fairs, rent stands


Mail marketing

  1. Set up an email address for the website or blog
  2. Create a creative idea or gift to add people’s email addresses
  3. Regularly mail people on your list


  • Make emails with multiple goals
  • Measure mailing, develop and diversify if necessary
  • Keep your messages clear and short
  • Take care of mailing designs
  • Share mailing with your relatives during the test phase, learn their ideas
  • Track the conversions of your Mailing campaigns
  • Add audio or video to your mailing.


  • Advertise on the radio
  • Advertise in the newspaper
  • Use billboards
  • Use the company logo or your product as a sticker or magnet in your car
  • Report or advertise in the local newspaper
  • Advertise on local cable TV channels
  • Advertise on Facebook
  • Buy advertising space on a relevant website
  • Share interactive posts that appeal to people in crowded places

Social media marketing

  • Remember that the use of social media is indispensable for the business world
  • Open Facebook page
  • Note the username or URL for the Facebook page
  • Open a Twitter account
  • Retweet others or respond to tweets
  • Open a suitable Foursquare account for your business
  • List your company on Google Places
  • Open a business blog
  • Enter your posts regularly in the blog

Internet marketing

  • Launch a Google Adwords campaign
  • Start a Microsoft adCenter campaign
  • Respond to comments on the blog.
  • Put a video on the blog
  • Upload videos to Youtube
  • Measure your site traffic using Google Analytics
  • Get a new domain address for new campaigns, a new product or service
  • Think about how you can generate marketing ideas locally
  • Track your online activities

Contests, small gifts, incentive events

  • Organize tiny contests where you will give free products.
  • Surprise customers or followers you interact with often
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Select the customer of the month
  • Create membership programs


  • Organize teleconferences or webinars
  • Serve news to the press
  • Share your news on different channels

Marketing support

  • Get support from different tools to learn your efficiency in digital
  • Work with marketing consultants
  • Work with public relations professionals
  • Get support from a professional copywriter
  • Maintain daily marketing processes regularly through an intern
  • Get coaching support for sales
  • Identify a remarkable mascot that will help you promote your brand
  • Dress your cars or other vehicles with your slogan or product
  • Participate in online or non-online marketing training