How Do You Write a Brief Summary of a Case? 


A summary shows the essential content of a document in an abbreviated manner, without interpretation or criticism, regardless of who is the author of the summary. It must be an independent entity with all important messages, information, and conclusions. The main features of the summary are completeness, accuracy, objectivity, brevity, and comprehensibility.

As a rule, the written word is the most common way of communication when it comes to legal matters, and at the same time, it is an important source of yardsticks of judicial authority, both within the judiciary through the practical application of regulations and in the wider social community.

The written word in legal cases is mandatory. By preparing the case in writing, the content of legal protection within the limits of the set claim is determined in an unambiguous way, the act of the state authority is made public and thus enables not only the parties (regardless of whether they were present at its publication or not) but also the public, to learn about its content.

Therefore, the judge and lawyers must consider in detail whether the presented facts and legal analysis are sufficient for a clear explanation of the conclusion of the case.


When we talk about writing a brief summary of a case, it is important to start from the basics, that is, from the pattern of facts and presentation of arguments in the documents. When doing this part of the job, it is very important to stick to the facts and avoid improvisation and playing with words.

Also, having writing skills without legal knowledge is insufficient, and vice versa. It is necessary to combine these two elements. During preparation for writing, one should think in detail about the subject of the dispute, arrange material facts, formulate questions, and identify applicable legal rules. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with contested facts and arguments; for this purpose, it is necessary to properly justify the claims that have been determined to be well-founded.

Although the focus is on the facts presented in this presentation, the language style is very important and is a reflection of your general knowledge. There is no formula for good writing, or maybe there is? The right words in the right place. This could define the focus of the correct choice way of writing that starts with (another) simple question: what are the words correct and how to know where exactly they are?

Lack of style writing (due to poor organization of writing, unskilled separation of paragraphs, insufficient thought and clarity in writing, clumsy emphasis on legal conclusions, unbalanced presentation of legal arguments for a court decision, etc.), has consequences and lack of content. It is, therefore, necessary to combine these two elements – truth and avoiding grammatical mistakes in themselves will not make the court decision legally correct.

On the other side, no matter how hard they try to respect the language and grammatical regularities in writing, they still don’t it must necessarily result in good writing style, and neither is the degree of ease of writing equal to the degree of clarity of the written conclusion.


When we talk about facts, it is necessary to state them precisely and even quote them. Misrepresentation of facts is a sign of carelessness and, even worse, undermines the authority and integrity of opinion. When I talk about the structure itself, the essay should contain an introduction, an elaboration of the topic, and a conclusion. Within the introduction, it is necessary to cover the topic of the essay itself and briefly explain it.

After that, we continue with the essay question, that is, the working hypothesis. The next paragraph is the most important because it deals with the case. This is the place where we normally make a brief review of the past, views, and opinions of other authors on the topic, as well as presenting our own opinion and views on the same, but when it comes to the summary of a case, it is necessary to stick to the facts. What is important is to process the issues, that is, the cause of disputes between parties, the law that was applied to this case, as well as the reasons for it.

Of course, we should also mention the opinion that is contrary to the opinion of the majority as well as the opinion of each party. We come to the last paragraph in which the final word and the decision of the court will be.

Excessive verbosity is often a sign of bad writing, behind which is hidden not only the unnecessary use of two words when one is enough but also a possible reflection of the author’s insecurity. In an attempt to write authoritatively, the possibility of error or unclear separation of essential from non-essential increases. You can learn more about writing a brief summary of a case if you visit


All in all, writing a case brief is not difficult when you have guidelines and a plan for how it should look. Keywords are words that describe what areas a work deals with. Scientific and professional journals usually stipulate that three to five keywords must be listed.

By using these instructions, it is possible, with a little more attention and with a little extra effort, to avoid most of them errors and thus linguistically significantly improve official documents (memorandums, e-mails, professional papers, seminar papers, student papers, diploma theses, newspaper articles, essays, studies, revisions, reviews, project assignments, projects, approvals, special conditions, work orders, technical specifications, presentations, minutes, notes, instructions, guidelines, plans, contracts, reports, tables, ads, catalogs).

In order to properly see all decisive facts, excessive detailing can appear confusing, while on the other hand, brevity and simplicity are of secondary importance in relation to the primary principle of a complete presentation of the relevant facts. That is why the recommendation in the judgment is to provide enough while avoiding excessive details that can often drag the reader in the wrong direction and away from the essence of the brief.