Property delivery certificate: What is it and how should I generate one?

The real estate require care and organization. When leasing contracts are made, it is essential to prepare a property delivery certificate , which makes clear the status of the elements and accessories of the real estate, which the landlord delivers to the tenant.

In general, minutes and formats designed to record all the information are used, with specific details of the quantities, condition of the elements, and observations that are considered important to deliver the property to the lessee. 

The real estate rental market , moves in a wide panorama of properties: houses of different level or status, commercial premises, offices, warehouses, and others.

This leads us to be careful when preparing contracts, delivering and receiving real estate.

The lessee is the one who will make use of all these assets and must later deliver them in similar conditions to the lessor, so the real estate agent is in the middle facilitating and landing the management, he is the right hand of the parties to solve the pertinent proceedings.

What is the property delivery certificate? 

It is a document in which the state of a blue world city property is clearly stipulated when the lease has been accepted. The property delivery certificate is the document that provides security on the elements when they are delivered for the enjoyment of the tenant.

It contains the personal data of the parties involved, state of the property and its elements such as: windows, curtains, switches, locks, faucets and others, in each of the rooms or areas of the property. 

Importance of the property delivery certificate

This document cannot be missing when the property is delivered in a lease. It is the evidence of delivery of the property with each of its elements, the state in which they are, type and quality.

With the duly completed delivery certificate, both the lessee and the lessor record that they are satisfied with the diligence of delivery and received of the property as lease.

In some cases, the properties are leased furnished, so the inventory includes furniture, decorative items, appliances and their status at the time of delivery.

When the return of the property is made, when the lease contract is terminated, it will be with the act of delivery of the property , that the confirmation of receipt of the elements and the acceptance or repair of any non-conformance with respect to I delivered it.

How to generate a property delivery certificate?

You can make a format in an Office program such as Excel or Word, in which a heading with the data of the parties is filled out and an inventory format is attached to fill in the fields in each of the areas or areas of the property and its elements

The format is filled in at the time of delivery in the presence of the tenant, so that it receives satisfaction. If necessary, details that are considered important are described, for example: mirror in main bathroom, new.

Points to integrate in the minutes

The following items are specified in the property delivery certificate:

  • Property address, clear and complete nomenclature.
  • Landlord information, address, telephone.
  • Tenant data, telephone, second address. 
  • Date of delivery of the property.
  • Service status, delivery of last service receipts.
  • Detailed inventory of property elements for each room or area.

Usually a second or parallel part is left blank for the lessee to make the delivery at the time the contract ends, that is to say that the delivery certificate is completed upon receipt of the property and also, upon delivery to the lessor.

Each of the parties keeps a signed copy of the delivery certificate at the beginning and at the end.

 Sample property delivery certificate 

It consists of a minute specifying the diligence of delivery of the property. It is titled as PROPERTY DELIVERY ACT , and its content may be, for example:

On December 14, 2010, in the city of Bogotá, Mr. Gabriel Atehortúa Castro identified with ID 55´074.820, who will be called THE LESSOR , and Mr. Jaime Rodríguez Herrera with ID 83’153.974 who, hereinafter will be named THE LESSEE , were present in order to carry out the delivery and reception of the house located at 56d Street No. 25 c 37, Galerias neighborhood, according to the lease agreement No. 323, stating the following:

  1. The lessor delivers and the lessee receives the property in full compliance, according to the inventory annexed to this Act, in which all the elements found in the dwelling that is taken for lease are related.
  2. According to the clauses of the lease, the lessee will use the property for which it was established and within normal conditions, for which at the time of delivery of the property the review of each item will be carried out according to the inventory .

In evidence, the two parties sign.

This example is specific to Colombia, although the content may be similar in Mexico or Chile, there are particularities.

For example, in Mexico, the minutes are usually written by a notary, including the financial details and the conditions of delivery of the property.

Además. especifican en ítems a parte los recursos humanos, financieros, materiales de la diligencia y las partes adicionan una declaración juramentada. En Chile y en España también es un documento elaborado en notaría, y suelen incluir artículos específicos de leyes que aplican. 


It is vitally important to prepare a delivery certificate, blue world city islamabad overseas block

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Real Estate companies provide advice to carry out these proceedings, avoiding impressions or omissions that harm the parties.

As a real estate agent you should familiarize yourself with the formal documents of delivery and receipt of real estate, contracts, minutes, inventories and all the management that provides excellent customer service.