Virtual tour, the plus that your real estate sites need

Visiting a property is a decisive requirement for real estate buyers. However, space and time conditions may make it difficult to carry out, delaying commercial transactions in the market. It is here where the virtual tour is used as a solution. 

In SkyMarketing we tell you all about how the virtual tour can facilitate decisions in the real estate market , what it is, its benefits, how it is done and why it is a plus for those who have their real estate website. 

What is a virtual tour?

The tour, tour or virtual tour, is a digital tool that simulates a real visit to a specific space. This is applied in different fields, ranging from educational campuses, to stores and real estate. 

In its origin, the virtual tour was used with a training objective of NASA, using computer simulators, optical devices and techniques with which it was possible to recreate systems and spacecraft to train the crews.  

This digital tool has evolved with the advancement of applications and technology, such as omniramic cameras that allow 360 turns and zoom, programs to make descriptive drawings, image sewing techniques, among other resources to make the travel experience very realistic virtual. 

Virtual tours in the real estate sector

Among the sectors that take advantage of this virtual tour are the tourism, retail, culture, event organizations, education and real estate sectors. 

Especially in these sectors, the promotion and commercialization of their products and services has been facilitated, meeting the needs of both traditionalist buyers and those of the new era. 

This is because with the digital age consumers tend to inform themselves very well before making any investment, especially if it is one that involves both capital and the one used in real estate. 

Then, to be able to see images represents an advantage, but even better, if it is a 360 vision that allows to travel the space in the most realistic way possible. 

According to the results taught by companies specialized in 360 tours , it is shown that more than 70% of real estate consumers prefer this digital tool over the photos, and admit that it influenced their purchase decision.

This is how virtual tours are widely used in the market to market all types of real estate products and services, as the increase in visits that this resource allows has been noted 

How to generate a virtual tour?

To design a virtual tour you don’t need to be a professional in design or technology. For this, there are different providers and specialized software in the design of virtual tours. With them you can customize the tour according to the type of property and real estate. 

Many of these do not need a very sophisticated team or with large capacity of spaces, because they allow the design and accommodation of the route to be done online. 

On the other hand, it is easy to integrate virtual tours to your real estate website or share them through the different digital channels. It is only necessary to share the link or link of the virtual tour in the different media such as the online page, email, text messages and WhatsApp. 

Thus, the virtual tour can be shared in an agile and timely manner with buyers and potential customers, optimizing business management and meeting their needs. 

Where to publish the virtual tour?

Currently, there are many communication channels that we can use in real estate to gain visibility and effectively cover potential clients. 

Among the most used and effective channels for the union are the digital ones, with the presence in social networks and the creation of the real estate website. This is why, without a doubt, these means should include the virtual tour. 

For example, in SkyMarketing , a company specialized in the guild’s digital needs, we offer you programs that allow you to create your real estate website in a few steps (without being an expert) and publish the virtual tour previously uploaded to YouTube as a video. 

With this technology that we put at your disposal, you can manage the publications of your portfolio of goods with photos, videos and virtual tours. 

Also , you can check if the traffic actually increases with the incorporation of the virtual tour , among other statistical data of interest, provided in our software reports . 

Benefits of the virtual tour

Probably, with the previous information, you already glimpse different benefits that the virtual tour can bring to your real estate, however, here we mention the most prominent: 

  • Time and location limitations of potential buyers are eliminated 
  • Increase confidence about your portfolio of assets and the company. 
  • Increase the reputation of your business, because by having technology that transparently shows what it sells, you gain recognition. 
  • Increase the reach of your business , because it allows all users on the network to see what you sell.
  • Increase the possibilities of selling , increasing the number of visits to real estate. 
  • Reduce time in commercial transactions , as neither the client nor the real estate broker have to match their agenda to make the visit. 
  • It reduces the costs and efforts of the real estate agent , since he should not devote time in the visit or expenses for the displacement.  
  • Increase the productivity of real estate agents and the company. 
  • It is compatible with the different digital channels most recommended for the commercialization of real estate. 

Finally, keep in mind that to achieve the benefits of the virtual tour of blue world city overseas block you must make sure to integrate photos and images of high quality and with great realism. 


The virtual tour is one of the tools used by the real estate market to increase its effectiveness and have a greater reach which include blue world city islamabad payment plan and blue world city islamabad location , eliminating space or time barriers in potential clients and in real estate brokers. 

Thanks to this technology we have another way to digitize the guild and take advantage of the benefits that this entails in terms of productivity, effectiveness, costs and brand positioning.

Achieving these benefits for your business will be simple thanks to the fact that today we have suppliers and specialized programs that make it easy, both the design of the tour and its publication by the different digital media recommended for the real estate sector.