10 secrets that every real estate consultant should know

The real estate market is becoming increasingly competitive, however, it seems that some real estate agents do not take it for granted and continue selling without altering their goals. Do you want to know what the trick is to achieve it? In SkyMarketing we tell you the 10 secrets that as a real estate consultant you should know!

The best real estate advisor

As stated by Harry Friedman, authority in the retail sector and founder of the international consulting firm The Friedman Group , the best seller has a profile that brings together: 

  • Personal skills : including customer service. 
  • Commercial skills : sales and negotiation techniques.  
  • Market and product knowledge : of prices, sector, target audience profiles, real estate legal aspects, indicators, supply and demand dynamics, real estate to be marketed. 

All this, coupled with great motivation and passion for what he does. The latter two being the components that, for the expert, as he mentions in his book: “No thanks … I’m just looking!”, Are the basis and the component that can not be missing in the best seller. 

Also, creativity should be highlighted as a quality and skill with new technologies, as differentiating factors that should include the best real estate consultant.

Hey! Did you already know these 10 secrets?

Now, in addition to all the features of the best real estate consultant , there are some secrets that the most prominent apply when it comes to meeting your personal real estate sales goals. Finally, we tell you 10 of them:

Digital marketing

Digital marketing applied in real estate brings great benefits, as experts say in a recent publication of the Portafolio newspaper . Among these are the saving of time, money and effectiveness in obtaining customers and increasing sales. 

Specialized training

Being the best real estate consultant, as experts point out, requires special training that includes real estate law, market knowledge and real estate indicators and digital tools for the sector, as well as strengthening service skills customer, sales, negotiation and neuromarketing techniques . 

New technologies

The best real estate consultants have found in the new technologies an opportunity to optimize their management and shorten time and space between potential clients and their portfolio. 

Alternatives such as real estate software, social media, Big Data for market predictions and analysis of consumer behavior are the most used and innovative. Virtual tours are another technological tool beneficial to the sector. 

According to Eye Spy 360 , a multinational company expert in virtual tours, 70% of real estate buyers recognize that they prefer the virtual tour over the photos and that this is decisive when buying. 

In fact, it is predicted that more than 75% of real estate visits will be carried out by virtual means by 2035, as stated by CIO Mexico , in an outstanding publication of IDG, an international group that provides services and information technology.

Successful publications

Real estate publications are another of the secrets best applied by the successful real estate consultant. 

In the case of publications by digital means, such as on the website and real estate platforms, basic rules of real estate photography are applied such as:

  • Upload high quality photos, blue world city photos and / or videos.
  • Depersonalize the space (there are no personal elements of the property owner).
  • Do not saturate the space.
  • Ensure that everything is new, or failing that, is in perfect condition.

Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances as part of real estate marketing are effectively applied through digital channels, such as software and online platforms. 

In the case of SkyMarketing , we offer our real estate program with integrated CRM (for customer relations and commercial real estate management) and a private marketplace only for its registered agents in which, with prior authorization of the companies and registered real estate agents , we facilitate transactions, alliances and commercial exchanges at local and global level

There are more than 23,000 real estate professionals who do business right now! 

Omnichannel presence

After these secrets it is no longer a mystery that you have to have a digital presence in social networks , website and different digital tools such as virtual tour and public photographs of the world.

However, in addition to the digital presence, we must continue to cultivate traditional or so-called “offline” channels. 

Maintaining close contact with customers, face-to-face visits, notices and advertising on site, will help to better monopolize the target market. 

Relationship with customers 

The relationship with clients begins from the moment of the publication of the real estate offer until the attention of their doubts and needs in the post-purchase or sale of real estate contact. 

This also includes technology as a means of streamlining transactions and achieving more satisfied customers. 

For example, in SkyMarketing we integrate the real estate CRM into our software, with which you can register both the properties of your portfolio, as well as customer data. 

The above, together with the reports we deliver through Big Data integrated into our solutions, allows the relationship with customers to be timely and assertive in all phases of marketing and sales. 

Process automation

Automate the sending of information by email or social networks, simultaneously publish your properties on the best real estate platforms or choose the best properties for each type of client that registers on your site, are some of the processes that can already be automated with software like the one we offer you in blue world city .

 Everything can be done from the computer or from the cell phone with our real estate app . You decide where you manage your sales, customers and properties! So you take the time to attract new prospects and do better business.

Visual Merchandising

This strategy that focuses on bringing the consumer into action through visual tools that connect with their emotions, is applied in both online and offline media. This is one of the secrets of the best real estate advisors and they apply it, for example, in the physical presentation of the property, with elements such as plants, aromas, lighting and the location of each element. 

In digital media, it is also applied with resources such as those mentioned with the photos and videos of blue world city islamabad payment plan and blue world city islamabad location, in addition to the design of your professional or business website, with a strategic definition of colors, its architecture and other elements. 

Self Learning Culture

The professional real estate consultant keeps positive habits for the profession in his best secrets. One of them is to be in constant search for knowledge, which allows you to be updated in the real estate market. 

But it not only seeks knowledge of the market, also of the reality of consumers, applying moment marketing to generate assertive offers and connect with the needs of potential customers. 


Knowing the secrets that every real estate consultant should know is a way to face the competitiveness that the real estate market presents today. 

Among the secrets that the best share are the preparation in personal and commercial skills, the integration of technology and digital marketing, strategic alliances, the care of customer relationships, the omnichannel presence and a combination of conventional tools and the new era, with which the demand of the target audience is effectively received.