Real estate videos. The best way to impact your prospects

By 2024, 80% of internet traffic will be by video, as stated in the recent report by CISCO , the world leader in information and network technologies. This is a fact that has already been forecasting and that has taken advantage of the real estate market with real estate videos. 

The ability to capture the attention and generate reliability of the videos of real estate, are some of the reasons why real estate agents bet on this resource. In addition, leaders in the sector testify about the influence of real estate videos on purchasing decisions. 

Take advantage of this audiovisual tool in favor of your real estate business and learn with SkyMarketing what is real estate video marketing, its benefits, the investment you require for this and how to make them for some winning ads.

What are real estate videos?

The real estate videos are applied to the commercialization of real estate as part of video marketing , the science that serves to persuade, position and promote goods and services through this audiovisual medium. 

The success of the video today is such that more than 82% of the brands in the world are using video marketing as a means to advertise their products and services . This is stated in a recent publication of Ciberclick , an important company that provides technological solutions for digital marketing. 

Videos of your properties for sale

Now, video marketing can be applied both to present a company or real estate professional, and to display the properties through real estate videos. 

These real estate videos have been a great solution to increase sales, as they achieve greater visibility and 24/7 availability of all property information to the target audience. 

This is because the videos are shared in mass and digital media, such as social networks (YouTube, Facebook …), real estate website and real estate platforms. 


For the leaders of the real estate market like blue world city, the exhibition of real estate is vital to close business, whether in the sale or rental of properties. Therefore, not having the availability and time to present all potential clients with real estate, usually limits commercial results. 

Faced with this obstacle to the sale of real estate and other important aspects in commercial management, real estate videos bring several benefits, both for real estate and for clients: 

  • Availability of information and visual presentation of real estate 24/7. 
  • Cost reduction in the presentation or visit of real estate. You don’t have to travel or set aside time for it. 
  • Comfort for knowledge of the properties; from the comfort of the house or office it can be done and only a computer and network connection are needed (in the case of videos published in digital media).
  • They reach a greater number of potential customers, as they are available to those connected to the network. 
  • It is an omnichannel tool that can be shared on your website, social networks, by WhatsApp, email and other mass media. 
  • Increase traffic to your real estate website and networks, thereby benefiting sales and brand positioning. 
  • It generates a better visualization and knowledge of the property, in comparison with the photos or purely textual contents. 
  • It helps to better profile customers and shorten the management time of the real estate agent, in the commercial transaction. 
  • Deliver greater credibility and trust to potential customers. 


What you need to invest in the use of real estate videos is minimal compared to the costs you are saving in the face-to-face presentation of these. 

On the other hand, this investment has a very positive return (ROI), because, in addition to being minimal, it represents large gains in the aspects that we mention, such as positioning, reputation and sales. 

However, that this investment has all the benefits that it implies, depends on the quality of the videos, both in content and in image. 

How to make real estate videos?

Making some videos of real estate, that hook and sell, depends on some basic elements and tips: 

  • Choose a camera that allows you to record with a resolution of at least 1080 MP. Some cell phones have cameras with these conditions, so it would not be necessary to buy an additional camera.
  • The camera should have a built-in or possibility of snagging with a wide angle lens.  
  • Use a stabilizer or tripod to keep a stable recording at a better angle. You could also use a selfie stick for moving shots.
  • Voice is essential in real estate videos. Use a lapel microphone to make sure the narration is clearly heard on them. 
  • At each change of blue world city islamabad payment plan blue world city islamabad location  or room, it gives a moment for the camera to adjust the exposure and automatic light, so that the lighting is adequate. 
  • Remember that the real estate video must be 100% informative. 
  • Record more material than you need, at least 20 seconds in each take of the property, so that you have enough material to trim and edit.
  • Try that the video is not very long and that its content is 100% useful and quality.
  • Add value to the videos in the edition, integrating appropriate music and descriptive texts in the presentation.  

If necessary, you could hire companies that provide audiovisual services. 

Where to present your real estate videos?

Undoubtedly, the mass communication generated by digital media makes them ideal for presenting your real estate videos . 

And, according to the CISCO report , video traffic on the network will continue to grow at an annual rate of 33% until 2024.

Therefore, to take advantage of all this potential that the video represents for companies, among which we include real estate, can be exploited with the publication of videos in: 

  • The real estate website.
  • Social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp, being the ones with the highest number of users 
  • Real estate blogs. 
  • Platforms for the publication of real estate ads. 

In case you do not have these channels open, you can request the help of experts such as those from SkyMarketing , our software and solutions provider company for: 

  • The creation of your real estate website . 
  • Real estate marketing , simultaneous connection with the best real estate platforms. 
  • The administration of the clients and the portfolio of properties in the network. 


The videos of real estate arise from the strategy of videomarketing, currently used by more than 80% of the brands in the world, babyliss pro dryer as an effective means to position themselves in the market and increase their sales. 

The real estate sector has taken advantage of this audiovisual tool in digital media, to reach a greater number of target clients and persuade them with less monetary and time investment. 

Getting these benefits from real estate videos depends on their quality, a rich content, the use of appropriate tools and their dissemination in the correct media.