Handy Guide for Buying Your Dream Sweet Sixteen Dress

Handy Guide for Buying Your Dream Sweet Sixteen Dress

Are you turning sixteen and want to celebrate this special milestone in some style everyone will remember? Turning 16 marks a pivotal moment in a girl’s life, as she moves towards adulthood and starts a new phase of her life. Many girls plan to celebrate this birthday by going all-out and throwing a huge bash to remember for a lifetime. If you are one of them, it’s common that you must be looking for the best sweet 16 dresses out there.

To get started, there are different types of Sweet 16 parties and no strict rules for what you want to do. You can dress fully formal in sweet sixteen gowns, book a lavish venue and invite your long list of friends.

1. How Formal?

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The best way to decide how formal to go is to think about the type of birthday party you’re planning and then search for sweet 16 dresses that fit the vibe. If you’re planning an outdoor big sit-down dinner in a hotel ballroom or fancy banquet, you should go for long party dresses with fabulous embellishments like sequins and lacework. On the contrary, if you’re planning a club party that involves a full night of dancing and small bites, then you can totally slay the look with a little black dress or a short dress with a high-low hemline. Both ways, you need to have a sense of how formal the place and purpose is going to be to make your shopping experience more meaningful and easier.

2. The Theme of Your Party.

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The dress you choose to wear to the party should be in sync with the theme of the celebration. For example, if you are planning a formal ballroom party, then the best option would be to go for a formal dress that matches the occasion. When hosting a dance as part of the sixteenth birthday celebration, you should consider a dress that is more easygoing and casual. This will let you move more freely and groove on the dance floor.

3. Suitability.

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Another useful tip to buy the best sweet sixteen dresses is the suitability of the dress to the weather. You need a dress that will keep you cozy and comfortable throughout the party. For example, if you plan to host your sweet 16 birthday celebration during winter then go for long dresses. Why? Because fall nights can get very cold and you might experience unexpected rain. Bear the current weather in mind and search for dresses that are suitable. If you prefer to wear lighter fabrics but it’s cold outside, you can go for sweet 16 dresses that are easy to accessorize or layer with other clothing items. Pair a cardigan, sweater, or coat made of heavier materials to keep you warm. It may cost you a little more so better to invest in discounted dresses and then accessorize with designer items.

4. Gut Feeling.

Gut Feeling dresses

It’s obvious that you will find dozens of sweet sixteen dresses that fit and look great. But how do you decide on “the one,” dress? Well, ask yourself which dress makes you go gaga and feel good about yourself. The dress you feel the most beautiful and comfortable with is the one you should buy. And you can always buy two if you are confused between two gorgeous dresses!

In the end, start with the more conservative, basic options and then progress into a new one halfway through the party!